The Impact of Mass Media and Social Networks on Moral Standards

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One thing that many people fail to acknowledge is that all forms of modern media communication have either a positive or negative impact on society, sometimes both.

It is foolish to ignore this fact.  We all know of songs, readings, and information which have helped shape our lives since we were kids until now.

TV networks, News Channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other Modern media communication platforms have played a significant role in lowering moral standards and reading levels as well as escalating violence.

If social media platforms continue on an unbridle path of instilling unregulated information, images and suggestions in the minds and hearts of the masses, we will inherit a society full of conflict, uncertainty, and growing chaos.

Modern media has its advantages when it comes to spreading information and warning people of potential threats from home and abroad.  However, people must reduce their obsession with modern media platforms and return to the practices that make a nation great.

Ethical Principles

Establishing and upholding moral standards are crucial to growing a successful society. Without the practice of good ethical principles, people tend to distrust and disconnect from one another, mainly because of suspicion.  Studies show that when people become isolated from one another, such condition could lead to the development of prejudices and exclusive mentalities.

Our constant embracement of the ideas of modern media keeps people divided. People hardly ever go out of their way to meet strangers anymore.  Instead, they are hell bent on staying in front of the computer, participating on facebook or watching YouTube videos or reality shows on TV. As a result, our social inclusiveness suffers a tremendous blow.

Modern media can hinder us from embracing ethical principles. The people we are supposed to meet will never occur. As a result, we seldom meet strangers and become friends anymore, as we did in the days when modern media wasn’t so prevalent.

Lower Reading Levels

Millions don’t read anymore.   But good reading strengthens the mind and builds character.  Knowledge is the ultimate reward of reading books. The old adage, “readers become leaders” is true. The unwilling to read books is a trap that will lead people into a state of illiteracy.

Watching YouTube videos or glancing over information on Facebook isn’t adequate enough to provide the benefits of reading a good book.  Reading books provide in-depth insight into a subject or situation that other information sources can never do, regardless of their sophistication.

Book reading has been around since the beginning of print. Nothing is more worthwhile than grabbing a relevant book and absorbing the information. You can mark up, highlight and tear pages from a book in order to digest of its value.

We must reduce our time with YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, and TV in order to restore our joy of reading and increasing our mental sharpest

Tool to Escalate Violence

Because of the immediacy of connection, entire groups of people can use modern media to stage any kind of protest or violent event.  Hundreds, even thousands of participants can be reached by a single social share on Facebook or Twitter.

For example, in Milwaukee and other cities, such as Minneapolis, shopping malls were invaded and raided by groups of wild teen ages who had connected on Facebook and agreed to meet in masses to terrorize shoppers.   Thousands of other violent incidents, (large and small) have been staged via social media.

Many YouTube users post videos that encourage violence. Post are shown in which portray violent clashes between various teenage groups, or violence between people in general.  The sad thing about this type of communication is that people stand around laughing o giggling while innocent people are beaten to a pulp. Such message is devastating.

We must not allow modern media to dictate the patterns of our lives. Great families and good communities are guided by good values.  These values take priority over every segment of modern media.  In fact, I know families who refuse to watch TV or participate on social media platform altogether.  The choice is up to you. You must choose what is appropriate for you and your family for the sake of social dignity and success.

Challenging the Truth: A Worthwhile Initiative

 It is a widely held belief that truth is undebatable. However, I beg the difference.  In many instances, truth is a matter of opinion. What is called truth may not be the truth after all?

For example, in ancient times, many believed that the world was round.  This assumption was truth to many because of the sources from which the beliefs arrived.  However, when the knowledge of the earth became more prevalent, what once was thought of as truth was debunked?

Since the beginning of time, people have believed what was thought to be true.  They will continue to do so until a truth is debunked by some new discovery.

Three things that were thought to be true but wasn’t.

  • Men will never fly: the advent of the airplane
  • Men will never go to the Moon: America’s debut on the moon
  • The world is going to end: the earth is still here

We must not believe blindly.  The wisest thing people can do is to question everything.  Challenge everything that supposed to be true, not only for people, places, and things but also the truth about yourself.

People will tell you that you cannot do something that you desire to do.  If you listen to them, you will fall into a trap that will be difficult to escape without a complete mindset adjustment.

Dreams have been lost, hearts have been broken, and failures have been a lifelong legacy for millions of people who thought their negative condition was a reality. However, all the things that were occurring to them where only illusions that needed to be exorcised.

The deeper knowledge of life and freedom had eluded them.

Destruct-able falsehoods, which we take for reality, cannot be reversed if we are unwilling to sacrifice what we were told by those who may have been our idols, including our mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

However, in order to have the freedom to challenge their beliefs, we must disconnect our affection from their opinions and develop our own sense of reality regarding life and events.  Disconnecting from the untruths of our parents is difficult, simply because we allowed ourselves to be shaped and molded by their ideas and thoughts.

Our sacrifices will be worthwhile. We become strong; our introduction of new truth will be recognized but also opened to challenge as well.

The truth is meant to be debatable.  In the process of debate, we learn more about the reality of all things. We discover new truths and replace the old ones with greater optimism for the future.

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