What Nature has Taught Humanity and What We Should Be Thankful For?

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The wisdom learned from nature is available to us both night and day if we activate our mind of awareness. The whole foundation of man’s knowledge is based on what nature has taught him, from the beginning of time until now. Nature has given the world many fantastic bodies of wisdom throughout the ages.

Through observation and the in-depth study of various components of nature, humanity has been given the opportunity to progress significantly and do great things such as cure diseases and travel into space. Animals, plants, weather, geography, biology, and astronomy are some of the aspects of nature that are responsible for the foundation of knowledge that humanity has today. Let’s examine these aspects of nature one by one.

Animals- from the beginning of creation man have had a quite distinguished relationship with animals. In the creation story of Adam and Eve, Adam was responsible for naming all the animals in the Garden of Eden as well as communicating with them. Eve certainly could communicate with the snake, an animal that seemingly had the ability to persuade. Nevertheless, animals such as birds, monkeys, and lions have taught man significant wisdom.

By observing the behavior and activities of birds, man has discovered new grounds for inventions. One of the greatest inventions, the airplane, was invented by studying the air dynamics of bird wings in flight. Studying birds has also given us the ability to predict seasonal changing. When birds such as Blue Jays and the Red Robbins fly south in late autumn, we expect a seasonal change to winter.
We have also gained wisdom from monkeys, animals with behavior and characteristics closest to humans. By observing how these creatures interact with one another and raise their young, people can learn a great deal about parenting, socialization, and responsibility. Many experiments with monkeys have proven that they can understand man as well as (in some cases) imitate human language.

Some of the most magnificent creatures are big cats. Lions, the most fierce of the big cats often represent courage. Throughout history, the symbolism of the lion has been used significantly in many cultures, literature, and religion, not only as a sign of strength and power but also kingship.

In the bible, the symbolism of the lion is used in both the old and the New Testament. Also, in the bible, Christ is represented as the Lion of Judah. Both Samson and David confronted and slew the lion, known as the fiercest of all beast. This implied that whoever conquered the lion’s great power was as great and courageous as the lion itself.

Plants- plants are the most cherished components of nature. They are used to decorate the interior and exterior of our houses as well as gardens in our back yard. They provide oxygen. For many of us who loves raising plants, they are dear friends that speak and listen to us. But most of all, we have learned that we need plants in order to survive. Plants provide nutrition and medicine for us.

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