Why Trump Won: And the Dawn of Chaos in the US

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On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the Unite States to the shock and dismay of millions who thought that Hillary Clinton was an absolute lock for the job of Commander-n-Chief. What went wrong? The polls which claimed an overwhelming defeat for Donald Trump performed exactly the opposite. The Electoral College favored Trump beyond expectation.

Millions stayed up until the early hours of the morning to find out which candidate had won the oval office. What millions received in return was a dose of disappointment and uncertainty about the future of the Country.

Why Trump Won?

The causes are vast. They include:

  • Lack of Jobs for working class, small town people as a whole
  • Dissatisfaction of white college grads with where the country is headed
  • The thirst for change and the rejection of politics
  • Dissatisfaction with the Obama Care
  • The foreign policy weakness displayed by the United States.
  • The ability of Donald Trump to crack down on Terrorism

The bottom line is that the Donald Trump voters weren’t willing to endure what they had endured for the last eight years under democratic rule. The nation has seen job opportunities for the middle class and working class, blue collar workers vanish in exchange for foreign ventures.  Thousands of companies have moved overseas for the sake of saving money and paying low wages.

Obama Care issues were another big reason why Trump won big.  The Affordable Care Act, known as Obama Care, has self-destructed.  Premiums are sky high and rising every year. The very people that Obama attempted to help are suffering because of the penalties applied to those who reject signing up for the government healthcare program.

Another reason for Hillary Clinton’s loss is that people are concerned about the weakened power and authority that the United States has displayed on the world stage. The Obama’s administration’s timidity in dealing with Russia, China, Iran, and Syria have weekend the power of the United Stage in the eyes of other nations, especially enemy nations who have taken advantage our weakness.

The Dawn of Civil Unrest

While millions voted for Donald Trump, millions more voted for Hillary Clinton, exposing a great divide between the American people, one which could rip the nation apart as we know it. The election of Trump has given rise to a dangerous national consciousness, mixed with attitudes of supremacy and imaginations of fear.

The times will be explosive, filled with constant protest and mounting violence throughout American cities. Because millions are living under the threat of possible loss, growing uncertainty will increase day by the day.

The biggest fears are centered on the potential loss of gains achieved under the Obama Administration. The Affordable Care Act, Gay marriage rights as well as immigration rights are in danger of being dismantled in the first one hundred days of the Trump presidency.  The impact will be staggering:

  • Millions will lose critical health privileges
  • Millions will be in jeopardy of being deported
  • Thousands of immigrants will be denied privilege of being admitted into the United States

Nationwide protest over the dismantling of these issues will increase civil disobedience the same as it does in the foreign nations such as France and Greece, and the countries of Central America.  Resistance will multiply. The country will be on the verge of being a police state.

But the dreadfulness of rights being revoked is not the only reason for chaos. Giving the explosive nature of Trump’s Temperament, the nation may awaken many mornings facing threats of being attacked by enemy countries, including China, North Korea and eventually Russia.

Under the impulsive, perhaps shocking initiatives of Trump administration, the nation will gain many more enemies, both foreign and domestic.

As in any time of fear and uncertainty, the stock market takes a gigantic dip. As government plans are vanished the likelihood of going into a recession will increase.

What can the average citizen do in a nation of civil unrest?

The most important thing is to accept the things that he or she cannot change.  Since chaos and unrest will be the norm, we must learn how to survive. Staying clear of the chaos is one alternative. Holding tight to a higher power and doing as much as we can to make a positive difference in our families, schools and communities will go a long way in establishing hope.  Stand up for peace and unity as much as possible.

The Chances of Hope and Restoration

The only hope is that Trump is a changed man.  Maybe the obtainment of the highest office in the world will persuade him to listen to others and make reasonable decisions. He appears to have already accepted some aspects of the Affordable Care Act, in particular, the pre-existing health feature that has become a godsend for the chronically ill.

If the Donald Trump constantly uses the privilege of Executive authority to get his way, the possibility of impeachment is another option.   But for this to occur, the American people, especially Trump Supporters, must have had enough of the possible recklessness decision making of their Commander-in-Chief.

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