Allowing Immigration: The Foundation of America’s Greatness

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The foundation of America’s strength is rooted in the history of immigration. From all over the world, immigrants have come to American for a better life, which includes freedom and the opportunity to pursue happiness and prosperity. As a result, America has become a great nation.

Immigrants have brought magnificent ideas, talents, and gifts which have made this nation what it is today. Therefore, immigration must not be looked upon as a bad investment. Instead, immigration must continue to be highly welcomed if the United States desire to uphold the reputation as a great nation who offers a haven for the oppressed of the world.

However, immigration has its pros and cons. No investment in humanity is entire or without problems and issues which call for resolutions.

The Positive

The economic impact of immigration has its evidence in the great nation America is today. Immigrants have arrived with extraordinary ideas. Many of which has broken new grounds in technology, science, business, and culture.

Because of the thousands of businesses and organizations which immigrants have established, thousands of people have jobs and college students have careers for which to prepare.

Another benefit of immigration is that Americans can get firsthand knowledge of another’s culture. We can observe the rituals, routines, and behaviors of people who we once understood only from a distance or from the books we read in school about the culture.

Nevertheless, as a result of learning a new culture firsthand, we are enriched by such knowledge. We understand the world and its people that much better.

The Negative

The responsibility of immigrants who come to America is to create a reputation of good citizenship by taken advantages of the possibilities for success in education, social integrity, and economic progress. However, many immigrants have arrived in America with a great deal of negative baggage and have caused enormous problems.

These problems range from robbery, murder, smuggling and gang activity. Such crimes as these only make it more difficult for those immigrants who are attempting to do the right thing.

The bottom line is that immigrants whose backgrounds include criminal activities must not be allowed in the United States. Such people will bring their mentality along with them. Therefore, the United States government must come up with more restrictive immigration policies to prevent dangerous people from entering the country.

Also, the United States must make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to enter the country as well. Every year thousands of immigrants enter the United States illegally. The majority of these people arrive from South America, crossing the Mexican border.

Although Donald Trump’s immigration ideas of sending illegal immigrants back over the border and building a wall are not the answer, a strong initiative must be taken.  Granting citizenship to those who are already here and who are living a well-respected life will go a long way in helping the country identify and rid itself of those who are causing chaos in the neighborhoods and streets of America.

The terrible and stubborn ones,(immigrants), whether they come from South America, Europe, Asia or Africa, are the ones who must be prevented from entering the country.

This country must not ban immigration, especially if it wants to continue to build off of its reputation as “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” To outlaw immigration, while all the other allies embrace, it will reveal a particular coward-ness of a once great and mighty nation whose power and might originated as a result of embracing immigration.

The United States must never push away immigrants or discourage them from coming if their intentions are to establish a better reality for them, their children and their new country.

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