Governmental Change: The Presidential Office

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The man who holds the presidential office is a man of great stature and power. The eyes of the world are upon him. Wherever he points the rod there is a significant change for the better. At least that is the way it should be. The Commander -n- Chief is accountable for the happiness and well-being of the people under his authority. God intended it to be that way.

Yet when our leaders engage in politics to the detriment of the people, then a good government is transformed into bad government. Through my eyes, the seats in Washington have neglected the safety and well-being of its citizens.
Moral Decline
We all can agree that people responsible for the nation should make choices that strengthen a nation instead of weakening it in the eyes of the world. Most of the world doesn’t view the United States of America as the dominant powerhouse it once was.
A rapid moral decline, destruction of the middle class and the neglect of the poor are signs that a nation is going backward, not forward. A progressive nation demands that no one is left behind. Everyone is given an opportunity to choose a great destiny.
Political Warfare
This is certainly not happening. With congress and the presidential office constantly engaged in political warfare, the reputation of the nation as a superpower has largely been debunked. The political bodies of a great nation thrive in unity and strength. Unfortunately, there is no such nation in existence today.
A Good Policy
The president and congress must not resist one another. The two offices must come together and form policies that are good for the people and the nation. For a policy to be good for the nation, it must not it must not bring distress or shame upon a nation. Instead, a good policy brings joy and positive expectations for the future. For a policy to be good for people, it must not bring joy and gladness to one and distress and pain to another. A good people policy enhances the well-being of all involved.
A Vision for all Citizens
He who resides in the presidential office, as well as those who surround him, must have a clear vision for all the citizens of the nation. This vision should benefit homes, workplaces, schools and communities across the board. To accomplish this, politics, as we know must come to an end. Lawmakers in Washington must stop resisting one another to the dissatisfaction of the nation. Let the security of the nation and the happiness and well-being of the people come first.
Working together instead of fighting against one another in Washington is the only road back to progress and greatness that the nation once enjoyed in the eyes of the world.


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