Protesting in Unjust Times: The Manifestation of Change

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Without the activity of protesting, corporate greed, oppressive government practices, and other types of corruption will increase in magnitude. Protesting has the power to influence the status quo of neighborhoods, communities, and nations. The recent uprising of Wall Street protesters against corporate greed is a good example of protecting power. The movement has spread across the country at lightning speed, calling forth change.


The main concern of the protester is the unfair practices of those who take advantage of less fortunate human beings, whether these human beings are employees of a major retail chain or employees of a top fortune 500 organization that steals millions of dollars from its workers. In bad economic times, people are angry with many organizational practices in America. For example, CEO s receive humongous bonuses and live high off the hog while millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet, barely able to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

Types of Issues

In bad economic times, a number of issues can be protested, including skyrocketing student loans in an era of high unemployment, excessive bonuses for CEO s, staggering healthcare costs, constant low wages while the cost of living continue to rise, the unwillingness to tax the rich and the bureaucracy of government against the progress of the nation. Protesting against such issues bring them to the forefront of society for discussion and possible resolution.

Moving Toward Actions

Since protesting can bring all these conditions to the attention of mainstream society, then the strategy of protesting can be used to tackle all kinds of troubling issues. Therefore, an average citizen who desire to expose unfair conditions within his community, city or state, can choose to organize a protest if all other forms of communication or diplomacy fail. Protesting against organizations or groups that take advantage of others sends a message so powerful that the entire nation may have to take notice.

When corporate and other forms of corruption have risen to an all time high and all other means of persuasion has stalled, the time is right for the protester. In order for organizations and corporations to change, many situations involving corruption must be exposed to the world immediately. These changes are well worth the effort if they result in the happiness of hundreds or thousands of people.

Finding Volunteers

Recruiting a group of like-minded people who are willing to confront unfairness whenever it arises can give a recruiter a head start in tackling issues within the neighborhood, community or state.

First, survey people in your community to get the feel for their position on various issues in today’s society. Go door to door to recruit volunteers who may be interested in forcing change. Send out a call for action on your personal website or other social network media can do wonders in drawing volunteers.

In addition, protesters should design a set of posters with symbols that expose unfair issues or condition that they desire to see changed. Armed with this knowledge, an individual is now ready to effectively protest for a cause.

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