Resolving the Bully Problem: Igniting the Inner Hero

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People who take advantage of others are extremely selfish. The bully comes in many disguises whether it is an executive who manipulates his staff or a neighbor who steals from an unsuspecting member of his community, people who take advantage of others must be exposed in order to prevent the situation from worsening and damaging lives.

Hatred, animosity, and wars are often a result of someone or some community or some nation taking advantage of another. Therefore, standing up against manipulative people and stopping them for initiating pain and destruction in the lives of others is a heroic act that will live forever in the eyes of God and man.

The Victims

People who are taken advantage of are often the poor and weak, including minorities, children, the physically and mentally disabled, and people who are simply uninformed. These types of people are sort after in every nation, in every community and neighborhood by those who only care about themselves.

For example, the elderly are usually alone and vulnerable, which makes them easy prey for a door- to- door salesman and neighborhood thugs. Also, minorities who may not clearly speak the language are also tricked into signing documents that are meant to entrap them, sometimes for life.

The Manipulators

Although the opportunity to take advantage of another human being may present itself to anyone, bullies can be people who are in power, people with expertise and people obsessed with the desire for material gain.

People in power can include parents, teachers, supervisors and business leaders as well as the physically strong. People with expertise can be mechanics, healthcare workers, and landlords. People who desire material gain includes mortgage brokers and used car salesman and independent ticket sellers.

The Resolution

In order to stop people who take advantage of others, there must first be a sense of awareness that the situation is happening. It doesn’t matter where it is happening. It might be a home, a school or a private office. But once it is known, it must be stopped. However, stopping most bullies and thugs will take the heart and mind of a person who cares about other people.

If you care more about your own happiness than that of your neighbor, then stopping people from taking advantage of others might not be in your best interest. For instance, you may be afraid that you are going to be harmed if you turn in the neighborhood thugs and gangs. You may be afraid of being fired if you expose things about your boss or you may be afraid of offending a relative if you expose their behavior.
Nevertheless, to go ahead and take a heroic stand, you must gather up enough emotional fortitude to act as an instrument of deliverance for you neighbors and community. If you do this, you will indeed ignite the hero in the eyesight of God and man.

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