Staying Positive in the Face of Bullying

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The insults kept coming. In every classroom at Eager Lake Elementary, Molly received a pattern of slanderous remarks that had lasted the entire school year. Although she had informed teachers, who responded with consequences against the students who were insulting her, the bullying continued on out beyond the school building. The words Big Nose, Ugly and Dumb often appeared on her Facebook page.
Sometimes it seemed like the whole world was against her. What’s the purpose in facing the next day or the day after? If she disappeared, no one would really care. These thoughts often crossed her mind, but somewhere deep within her, she knew there was a better perspective. She could overcome this painful experience.
My Experience
As a kid in first grade, I was often bullied by boys who were much bigger than I. My sister and I were chased down and beat up almost daily as we walked home from school in the Deep South. Each day after the school bell ring for dismissal, fear gripped my heart. The bullying did not stop until a group of well-meaning adults empowered me to confront it out rightly. Whether physical, verbal or cyber, you must stand up against the bully experience as well. If you do not, it will severely damage your heart and soul.
Embrace Freedom and Self-Respect
Staying positive in the face bullying means that you will refuse to lose your sense of freedom and self-respect given to you by your creator. You must understand that you are the best of who you are at all times, regardless of what others say or think. You will never be liked by all people and you are never without others who are willing accept you as you are. For every person who rejects you, there are two or more people who are willing to receive your specialness.
If you are bullied, you must not bow down to it. Instead, you must place in beneath your feet and March over it. Therefore, the more your enemies bully you, the stronger you will become. After a while, insults and verbal assaults will no longer move you. As unlikely as it may seem, you will feel sorrow for those who bully you. You will have mercy upon their immaturity and pain and ignorance of life as well as the love the keeps the world spinning.
Reach Out to Others: You Can Not Face it Alone
You must choose your most important weapon: love. Love overcomes the pain of being bullied. Love creates peace and joy in the face of bullying. Love makes you superior to your persecutors. It brings people to your aid and provides you with comfort and strength.
You cannot face the bully alone. Love reaches out for help. Instead of bowing down in hopelessness and despair and victimization, inform well-meaning adults around your regarding the situation you are facing.

Allow them to know that you need help in standing against those who bully you, even beyond the schoolyard. What I mean is that If you cannot get the help of parents, other well-meaning adults will come to your aid. This might be an aunt, or uncle, cousin, or your next door neighbor.
Reject the Myth: The Whole World is Against You
If you love your freedom and yourself enough to refuse to stand alone, you will find that the whole world is not against you and that there are people who genuinely want to reach out and embrace you. Unfortunately, not having this awareness has caused many students to come to an end of hope and themselves as well. However, this is not you. Your superiority over the bully is psychologically undisputed.
Once you show the bully that you are no longer intimidated or overwhelmed by him or her and that you are going to be happy and special regardless of what they think or say, the bully will often back off. When others see that you are moving forward and progressing despite what is whispered about you, they usually turn against a bully and side with you. I have seen this occur time and time again.
Acknowledge the Inner Hero
Molly knew that there was something more powerful within her than the most persistent bully. She was willing to discover this inner hero, this power and overcome the bully. In order to overcome your experience of the bully, you must likewise become aware of this power which is the inner hero within you.

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