Staying Positive in the Face of Racism

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The shooting in Charleston South Carolina exposed the myth that racism in the United States no longer existed. The killing of nine African American church- goers, including a well-known pastor and senator, by a young white radical, proved that the denial of racism is a mistake.
The denial of racism can rock a nation whenever an event of such callable as that of Charleston South Carolina. Fortunately, the United States is a nation that often comes together in troubled times instead of spiraling into a chaotic jungle. However, the next time may not result in peace. Racism must be addressed if the nation wants to remain strong.
In order for a nation for to be strong, its people must be united on all levels, demonstrating respect and good will toward all, regardless of race or culture.
For this pleasant reality to occur the denial that racism doesn’t exist must cease or otherwise the resolution of the problem will never occur. Problems are solved when there is an acknowledgment that a problem exists. Otherwise, a person or a nation cannot move forward. This is the situation in which America now stands.
My Personal Experience
As a black southerner who grows up in Arkansas and the Missouri Boot Hill, I have had my share of racism. I remember the in mid-sixties when separate but equal regulations were supported in many areas in the south. I heard the N word numerous times, sometimes I overheard it when people were talking but many times the N word was directed at me. Nevertheless, I stood strong and remained positive in the face of such nonsense. I refused to allow hatred to take over my heart.
I also learned that racism has no skin color. There were black people who were as racism as white people and said things that were full of bitterness and madness.
Nevertheless, having been raised in a Christian family, I did not allow this attitude to engulf me and destroy the love in my heart. I realized that overcoming racism begin with me.
The Power of the Individual
Staying positive in the face of racism and overcoming it must start on an individual level. Every single American, regardless of race, must come face to face with himself and decide if there is any value in holding on to a fantasy that could spiral out of control at any time. Is there any value in embracing a philosophy that will never solve a problem? Is there any value in hating another race or culture that was created in the image of God? What will our justification for hatred be when we stand before God? What reasoning will we give him? God is the creator and He has never made a mistake.
Releasing Racist Attitude
An individual must understand that holding on to racism is a mistake. A racist attitude perpetuates a sense of separation and animosity toward people that we don’t understand. It makes us fear them and devalue them via an air of superiority. All racism is born of fear. We fear that others will take over or we fear that others will take what belongs to us, or we fear that others will debunk a myth of superiority that we embrace to support our self-esteem. But an attitude of peace and good will toward others will create a sense of national unity.
Love: An Open Door
Racism or the denial of racism will never solve of a problem. But an attitude of peace and goodwill toward others will create a sense of national unity. And where there is unity, there is love. Love is the foundation upon which we must base our positivity in the face of racism. Positivity opens the door for the resolution of problems negativity shuts it close.
The Positive Mentality of Making the First Move
Love reaches out. It makes the first move. It forgives and searches for ways to create understanding and goodwill. Those who invite love into their hearts will see the end of racism. Love will destroy all dark qualities within our heart. Without love, no other approach, separate from this magnificent value will prevail against the spirit of racism.
Inviting into our hearts a spirit of love is the hallmark of staying positive in the face of racism. Love is contagious. As Americans, we must embrace it with all our heart. Love is the only way. We must degree to never allow bitterness or un-forgiveness to win. God forbid.

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