The Music Industry: It’s Impact on Social Consciousness

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Music makes the word go round. Splendid sound arouses our deepest emotions and sets us free to appreciate our participation in a wonderful world.
Without good music, life would be bland and boring to our senses. That is how significant music is to an uncertain world. Nevertheless, through my eyes music has its pros and cons when it comes to social change. In fact, music can be one of the major players in social change.

Many times while listening to a new change, my perspective regarding a certain issue, condition or person changed for the better.

Pros of the Music Industry
The music industry can create value in society as well as in the individual. A good song can help you feel deeply about the world, instill joy in your heart, make you want to dance and change your mind about something you thought you would never get over.

Music can change the heart of a nation, especially when hard times arrive. For instance, music played a significant role in strengthening the psychic of a nation during 9/11 and Katrina as wells as other devastating events faced by our nation. Music helped Americans overcomes fears and uncertainty regarding the resolve of the nation.

Even in your own life, music has played a vital role in how you see people, places, and things. This on- going trend will continue as long as we are alive. We will always be influenced by some form of music.

Cons of the Music Industry

The same as music can create value, music can also create destruction. Bad music can seep into the deepest recesses of the mind and heart if entertained often by an individual. Bad music can destroy the unity among people and turn one group against another.
Bad music can incite violence and lawlessness if taken seriously. Music has power. The music industry knows this. It uses music for social control. I remember when I used to hear certain song lyrics and adapt a mindset that wasn’t very nice. We can all agree that music can be quite persuasive.

This brings me to the point that needs to be started: The music industry should and must play a vital role in changing social consciousness for the good. Through my eyes, society is heading toward the cliff. Young people are becoming more and more disrespectful toward others and have forsaken the good morals of society and have adopted the concept that “Anything Goes.”

The disrespect for law and order has gripped the country. Police brutality and violent protest rule the nation. In addition, drugs and gangs grow stronger every day. Homelessness and fatherlessness prevail in society.

However, I believe the power of positive, message- driven music by both major and minor artist can change the social consciousness of America and promote moral consciousness and social unity.

The value of the music industry cannot be overstated. The music industry, as a major player in social persuasion, should demand a wave of positivity messages from all artists, especially if the United States continues on a path of social disunity and moral decline on a rapid scale.

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