Violent Assaults on Campus: Keeping Yourself out of Danger

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Criminal target their victims carefully. Young woman walking around campus at night in dark areas are the most vulnerable to sexual predators and robbers, especially on large university campuses. The U of M campus is a huge university with schools that stretch from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. Many areas are unpopulated, especially toward evening when most daytime classes are over.

Campus Police

The only sources of safety appear to be campus police and transit security. But this is not enough. Neither the police nor campus security can be everywhere at one time, especially on large campuses. The transit security service is only reliable at certain times. Again, this service cannot be at multiple places at once.

Many times students must be prepared for long waits if they rely on transit security service. According to the Campus Security Act and the Campus Sexual Assault bill of Rights, institutions must inform college students of the potential dangers on campus. Yet this is not enough.

Getting to Class Safely

The basic desire of every college students is to get to one class to the next, safely. However, this cannot be done when there are predators lurking in secret places in order to launch a surprise attack on some unassuming student. Sometimes there is more than one attacker hiding around a corner, making the chance of escape difficult and the potential for harm more likely.

As long as university campuses ignore this increasing danger toward students, the threat of campus violence will continue. Crime against college students is most likely on the rise because of tough economic times. People are desperate for money. Targeting unassuming college students appear to be an easy prey.

Use of Self-Protection Devices

Therefore, because college students cannot totally rely on the protection of campus security, they must take responsibility for defending themselves. The most basic protection strategies for college students, especially young women, are the use of mace or self-dense techniques.

These protection methods will only help if used with poise and confidence. Therefore, students who are interested in these defense strategies must seek these services within their towns or cities.

Importance of Criminal Awareness Programs

Nevertheless, universities must still initiate criminal awareness programs that will train students to be more aware of criminal activities and to recognize suspicious circumstances and behavior. Awareness is the first step toward prevention. Many students who are victims of on- campus attacks are often unaware of their surroundings.

However, being aware of their surroundings and the potential for danger will put students a step ahead of criminals. Therefore, initiating more effective protective programs for students must be a university’s top priority. The investment is worth the sacrifice of time and money.

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