Conquering Racial Upheaval in America

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The Destruction of Racial Upheaval: imagine a nation whose downfall was a result of internal strife and division among different races, cultures, and ethnicities. The citizens (whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Indians etc.) killed each other due to a misguided and dangerous philosophy involving fear and supremacy. Unfortunately, this is the direction in which the United States is headed.

When there is growing disunity among the people of a nation, the internal destruction of that nation will lead to the inevitable: self-destruction.
The increasing strength and unity o f a nation depends on whether or not the people smile more, give more, learn more and include more.
Undoubtedly, the United States needs to resolve this problem of racism if it wants to survive as a powerful nation.

What Must Be Done: First?

The initial thing that we must do, as a nation, is to acknowledge that there is still a deep racial problem in America and that it will take sincere effort, on the part of every citizen, to eliminate it. Racial violence can grow out of control and bring a nation to the point of no return if not checked more aggressively.

The Charleston South Carolina shooting all but further reawakened the divide between black and white America. The senseless slaughter of nine black people by a white male who thought it proper to act on a dangerous philosophy is a terrible tragedy for a nation claiming to be great. These people only wanted to improve their lives and the lives of others by practicing sacred principles of righteousness.

A Demand for Action: Criteria for all Citizens

Silent and passive America can no longer hide behind the myth of racial equality. Although the black reality has gotten better over the decades, the United States has deeper issues that must be confronted and handled in a way that mutual respect and understanding are sustained throughout the process.

Resolving the racial divide begins by acknowledging who we are as a nation of human beings and what part we are playing in the sustenance of racial tensions. Everyone plays a part, even if we set back passively and turn our backs on what is going on. To be passive in the face of a problem is to consent to it. Furthermore, beware! If a problem grows in your backyard, sooner or later it will affect you.
No one escapes such a cancerous problem as racism. It must be confronted and dealt with or it will lead to upheaval and internal turmoil that will leave a nation excessively weak and vulnerable for outside enemies to infiltrate and attack the homeland.

Releasing Racist Philosophies

The racist philosophy of supremacy and self- protection must cease to exist if the nation is to eliminate the problems or race and culture. For one thing, the philosophy is supremacy is based on low self-esteem and the ignorance of who we are as human beings. Since we think very little of ourselves as well as our purpose for being on the planet, we seemingly build our self-pride by claiming superiority over one another, simply due to differences in skin color, speech, religion or culture.

The reality is that we are more than this. We were all created by God, not to wish the demise of one another, but to encourage the growth and good will of our fellow citizens in the world. This was and still is our divine purpose. But if we ignore this purpose, then we go against the grain of life and our doom as human beings is very near.

The Illusion of Ethnic Cleansing

Racism can never solve a problem. We can all agree that growing racial tensions can lead to an illusionary solution of ethnic cleansing. However, oppressing and killing other human beings for the sake of creating some illusionary utopia is a lie from the deepest pits of hell. Out of all the history of mankind, there was never a utopia created as a result of mass killings of human beings. Hitler was responsible for the killing of six million Jews and countless other people, yet it did nothing for the betterment of the world.

Instead, the atrocities left an infamous parenthesis in history that proved man’s inability to maintain an earthly existence without the leadership of moral direction designed by his creator. God is the director and all his letters are the reality that point toward the hallmark of our true purpose on the earth: Love of one another. To deny this purpose is to embrace death and destruction and approach the point of no return, first as a person and then as a nation.

A Time to Survive or a Time to Succumb

Therefore, racial tensions in America can no longer be ignored. There are those who are waiting on our decline. Therefore, if we are to be the hammer of the earth and the keeper of the gates, we must reposition our philosophy as a nation and hammer out our own disunity and racial divide. Otherwise, racial upheaval, which includes segregation, prejudice, social unrest, violence, fear of differences, and illusionary supremacy all, will accumulate to accelerate the downfall and destruction of America. God Forbid.





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