How to Become a Miracle Worker

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What do you wake up expecting every day? Many people I know hate to get out of bed each morning and start their day. They dread what they might encounter on the job. It could be a person or a project that they just can’t stand engaging. This is certainly not the kind of life anyone wants to spend the remainder of their years.

Everyday Miracles

However, if we look around us throughout the day, we can see all kinds of miracles. When we see a little girl offering strangers a piece of candy or a business man giving a homeless person a few dollars for a cup of soup or a group of teen ages putting on a show for the elderly in a nursing home, we witness miracles.

Miracles don’t have to be supernatural. For instance, I was watching a YouTube video in which a woman with a dog on a lease was standing at the elevator. When the elevator door opened the woman entered first, but suddenly the door closed, leaving the door outside of the elevator while it was still on the lease. Realizing the danger in the situation, the man grabbed the leash attached to the dog as it begins to pull the dog up. The leash snapped just in time.

This was a miracle. The dog could have been crushed between the elevator doors if the Good Samaritan hadn’t taken action right away. He became a miracle.

So can you. Become a miracle today to someone in need. That person can be a homeless man or woman on the street. Walk up to him or her and give them a few dollars for food. Never mind what he or she might do with your offering. Let the higher power take care of that. All you and I need to keep in mind is that “it is better to give than to receive.”

Becoming an Everyday Miracle
Become a miracle today to a person in the wheelchair. Ask them to let you push their wheelchair to wherever they want to go. Never mind if they say no. At least you attempted to do something purely selfless. The universe will reward you for this too. Nothing is done in vain, even if it is only an attempt at doing well.
Do you have children? If not, become a miracle to a child in need of foster parents. God will reward you exceptionally for such choice. Children are his gift. Adopting a child and giving it the love and care that it needs will establish you as a jewel in the eyesight of all heaven.
Therefore, don’t get out of bed growling each morning, dreading the encounters of the day. Instead, forget about yourself and look for ways to do something miraculously for someone else. If you choose this perspective, you will delight in getting up in the morning and starting your day on an optimistic adventure of love, praise, and gratitude

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