Letting Go of Inner Limitations and Connecting with Others in Society

Social America

Meeting new people in our society should be an enjoyable experience. However, people in today’s’ society are not too quick to trust others. With the existence in crime-ridden communities and the attitudes of negative neighbors, reaching out to others may seem quite intimidating.

However, if you desire to be instrumental in creating a prosperous society, this effort will demand that you deal with the discomfort of one or more of these three fears:

  • Fear of being too Imposing on Neighbors
  • Fear of being taken advantage of by people
  • Fear of trying to change of doomed society

If any of these social progress misconceptions have got you worried, then here’s a way to get past each of them.

Fear of being too imposing on neighbors

In order for change to occur anywhere, people must be made aware of the benefits of change as well as the reason for the changes. Unraveling the comfort zones of others is highly necessary if we want to get others to embrace a cause. The effort takes courage to confront our own inner limitations and go beyond them toward freedom.

The majority of times, when our neighbors see us doing something wonderful or trying to bring about positive change, they will stand on our side. Must people want to live in a thriving and prosperous society, but don’t have the courage to mobilize people and resources to bring a great culture to reality. This is where you must take stand tall and move forward.

Fear of being taking advantage of by People

If you are standing up for a good cause, don’t let this misconception stop you. There will be challenges against every endeavor. That’s all part of the package to any form of change.
You will three kinds of people. Those who desire to follow you and your dream or an ideal society, those who just want to stand in your way, and those who want to steal your thunder by persuading you to abandon your ideas for social change and adopt theirs. Don’t worry about the latter two. If you persevere, they will soon fall by the wayside and become spectators to your progress.

Therefore, move forward with the people who walk with you on your journey toward building a great culture. In the end, you will have done a great thing while those who attempt to stop you will have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Fear of trying to Change a Doomed Society

Don’t believe this! Not for one minute! Society is not doomed as long as there are people to bring about change. Although conditions in a society may be dire and growing worse by the day, there is still hope if faith is embraced.

People who regard appearance give up hope. They look at the poor, the impoverished communities, the economy, the closed businesses and the crime rate. They conclude that all efforts to change things will be an illusion. However, the only illusion is the negativity they see in their surroundings. These conditions are not the reality of a universe that calls for beauty and unity among mankind.

God is ready to stand behind those who look beyond appearances and see the beauty and wholeness of true reality. This is the perception that you must adopt.

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