Making a Difference on Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is a time when we connect with family and friends and celebrate over food, fun, and good conversations. It is a time to be thankful for the ones who we love and the ones who loves us back. It is a time to be appreciative of everything we have accomplished in life.
To make your thanksgiving an event to remember, there are a number of great things you can do to make a difference this holiday season. Look around you, the needs are vast. A difference can be made in your home, in your workplace or in your community.
In your home, you can pay a special tribute to your spouse for being a good father or mother or for your children for excelling in making right choices in school. When you pick such a great holiday to show appreciation for the people who live underneath your roof, you create a greater unity and love in your home.
In the workplace, you can pay a special tribute to your boss or another co-worker who has helped you through difficult times. You can bake a special thanksgiving dish for them or even invite them over to meet your family on Thanksgiving Day. This holiday is about included others in your life as a way of showing them that you are sincere about what they have done for you. Taking a stranger home to meet your family makes a big impact on your sincerity.
In the community, you can pick a family who appears to be struggling financially through life and give them a monetary gift. Maybe this family has small children who wear dirty clothing or who appear to suffer from hunger most of the time.
Doing well beyond our immediate family and friends produces a sense of newness in our own lives and affairs. The community is a good place to start stirring up the thanksgiving spirit in your surroundings.
Good neighbors make others feel a sense of love just by performing little acts of kindness from time to time. Baking a cake and giving it to our neighbors show an indication that we are thankful for their presence in the community.
Making a difference this thanksgiving in the life of others will not just be a one-sided gain. Helping others also makes us feel good about ourselves and capture the true essence of thanksgiving. By the way, this is what thanksgiving is all about: sharing with others.

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