If you are not making friends on social media you might be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities in modern times. Every day people are making friends and finding companionships on sites such as Facebook, twitter, Linked In, Pin Interest and many other emerging social media sites. So don’t miss out.

Don’t fear making yourself known on social media. It might be one of the safest places to meet new friends without exposing yourself to the physical presence of an absolute stranger. For example, meeting a stranger in a night club or on the streets can be more dangerous than meeting people through social media. No one is going to attack you physically on Facebook or twitter. They may say something that turns you off but then you have the choice of disconnecting from them without a sense of feeling vulnerable to their anger or wrath.

The benefits of meeting people on the social networks can be very profitable. For example, you can:
Meet people with the same taste and style in which you delight
• Find answers to problems in which you have been struggling
• Network with others in order to grow your business

Growing your business is easy on Facebook. But first, you must make yourself known by signing up and becoming a member. It’s easy. Just go to Facebook and follow the directions for signing up and creating an account.

Once you have become a member of Facebook, you can look up the names of friends as well as friends of friends and make multiple friendship requests. Those who have become popular on Facebook usually gain thousands of friends.

Make it a habit of sharing interesting ideas and entertaining information so that others can get to know you and value your contributions. Post some of your likes in terms of music, celebrities, movies and whatever else makes you distinguished.

Introduce your product or service to your new Facebook family and watch the responses. You may have to invest a small fee in order for your brand to maintain visibility, but the investment is well worth it when it comes to promoting your business to a captive audience.
Don’t stop at Facebook. Execute the same routine for twitter, Linked In, Pin Interest and other social network sites. Once you become comfortable with social media, the sky is the limit as to how far you can go and how successful you can be.

Getting started may be a little rocky at first. But with determination and patience, you will overcome your intimidation of social media as well as improve your ability to win friends and influence people online. In fact, you will look forward to connecting with people on a whole new level and you won’t