Progressive Strategies for Creating an Ideal Society

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If you’re a group or leader who would like to master the strategies that will bring about an experience of peace, joy, and security while living in a great community, then you need to read the following tips with great sincerity. The simple information is designed to take your idea of social progress to the next level.
In order to make significance strides in social progress in a community, town, city or state, you must:

Have an Open Mind

If you don’t have an open mind when pursuing social progress you will not be able to work with others to create a vision for social unity. Such resistance will stop you and others from fulfilling your expectations for social change.
Forget about how others may act toward you and move passionately with those who are for you and your ideal society. It only takes a minority to bring about significant change in the world.

Open minded individuals never submit to what others may think is impossible. They don’t look at the negative circumstances that might surround their dream or vision. They move against hope with uncommon expectations. People may perceive the opened minded as insane.

Encourage others to Participate

Reach out to others in your community. Share your dream of a safe, secure and prosperous community. You will be surprised at how many people will be willing to get on board and participate in bringing your dream to reality.
Start out by going to door to door in your community or if this is too imposing, make a box of flyers and pass them out in the neighborhood or wherever you go in the community. You can distribute them at grocery stores, shopping centers, banks, churches, and schools within your area or community.

Some of the best society changes took the grass roots route to bring about social change wherever they went. Passion for what you doing will lead the way to success.

Make a Commitment to Social Change

Without a community to building a great society, it will be impossible to make such dream into a reality. Obstacles and unwilling people will always attempt to block your path. Therefore, you must stand up steadfastly for what you believe. No one said change would be easy. In fact, significant change usually brings about intense commotions. People who benefit from non-progressiveness within a society often put up the biggest roadblocks to your success.

What you must do is map out a plan to deal with these people. Meet with your groups for social change and devise strategies that will combat every possible hindrance. For example, if you are living in a bad community, the increase in gang threats may be a factor, especially if you are bringing a close to their rule and power.

You must have to courage to confront them with understanding and compassion if possible. Never attempt to display anger toward them. Usually, people join gangs because there is not enough acceptance and love in a community. Young people in improvised communities usually turn to others that might show unity and offer security.
Show them how they can prosper if they use their talents for good causes instead of helping to perpetuate a non-progressive and dangerous society.

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