The Art of Giving Creative Christmas Gifts


Christmas is a time of excitement, a season of giving the best gifts and a season for displaying the full expression of love toward family, friends, and neighbors.

The delight of a creative gift giver is to give all types of creative gifts to people during the most jubilant holiday of the year.
Open up your Christmas gift. But don’t hurry. Carefully unwrap and open the intriguing box or bag, anticipating the surprise inside. This will make you remember the moment more vividly for years to come.

Christmas isn’t the time for just giving meager gifts. Instead, it is an extraordinary time to give your best gifts from the goodness of your heart. Your best gifts can be tangible or intangible. These gifts will make your Christmas holiday season the most memorable ever.

Creative Hand Crafted Gifts

Although you may purchase a gift out of a shopping store or give a $200 gift card to a son or daughter or a father or mother, the best tangible gift is a creative one. For example, if you have a talent for creating craft items, why not make something special for a loved one.
Homemade necklaces, bracelets, and rings are handcrafted gifts that will be remembered long after many seasons of holiday bliss is gone. Giving a personal creative tangible gift shows that you were willing to take time out of your busy schedule and make something special for someone special. Unlike everyone else, you just didn’t go to the store and buy what everyone else is buying.

Other creative handcrafted gifts include personalized bathroom items such as towels, floor mats, placeholders, and racks. Personalized clothing includes shirts, sweaters, housecoats, and moccasins. Artistic gift giving includes paintings, pottery, video, and photography.
Your loved family, friends and neighbors will be honored that you broke from tradition and surprised them with creative hand-crafted gifts instead of traditional store-bought items. I am certainly not against traditional gifts. I receive them all the time.
However, I like giving personalized gifts because of the time it takes to prepare these gifts speaks much louder. Personalized gifts come from a heart that is willing to spend time creating something that no one else has. It is thought of long before the holiday season begins.

Creative Intangible Gifts

Intangible gifts are invisible gems. A call to a long lost friend on Christmas day, a call for reconciliation with a distant in-law, an encouraging visit to a lonely neighbor are creative intangible gifts with transformative effects. These gifts require getting outside of ourselves and reaching out to others on Christmas day.
Creative intangible gifts inspire joy and love. The world needs more of these gifts, not only for Christmas but also for the duration of time.

The greatest thing about intangible gifts is that you don’t have to have money to give them. All you need is a big heart that is willing to lay aside difference with another or a heart that is willing to forget about self and serve another. While tangible gifts will hardly last longer than a few decades, intangible gifts, because they inspire love, will last forever.

Breaking Away from Traditional Gift Giving

Don’t be afraid to break away from tradition this Christmas holiday. Surprise family, friends, and neighbors with something different! Some family members may have developed a perspective on your giving, saying that you are always buying them socks, housecoats, and wallets for Christmas. Well, this is your time to change their thinking by taking a new approach to gift giving.