The Danger of Poverty in Society

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Poverty fosters crime. It is one of the main reasons crime continues to increase. When a man is in dire straits and the bellies of his children grow hungry night and day, he will do whatever necessary to get money. Moreover, when a young woman watches the hungry eyes of her children looking up at their mother for salvation, she will do anything to satisfy their desires.

When a young man arrives into society fresh out of prison and looks day and night for a job, only to find rejection and failure around every corner, he will, out of his anger, adjust his attitude to bringing hurt, harm and danger upon his fellow man.

Poverty fosters crime. According to the Atlantic, 14.9 percent of Americans are living below the poverty level. Roughly, that is about 47 million people. Most earn an annual well below $24,000 dollars.
Change in Perspective
This trend will continue unless drastic measures are taken by those who cleave to the power of wealth and riches and by those who have the power to affect local and natural policies. A major change in perspective must be adopted. A commitment to eliminate poverty must be the only option if the plight of the poor is going to be eradicated.
Ethical Implications
Politics and selfishness must be put aside to make way for a new wave of change based on brotherly and sisterly love. Why does the wealthiest country in the world possess a rising number of poverty-stricken Americans, millions of which are children? This is the clear indication that the right initiatives and policies are not getting through state and local governments.
If the poor is continually neglected and left to themselves, then the reputation of a nation is at stake, the reputation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Remember, the world is looking. When a nation can no longer take care of its poor, the decline of the nation is in progress. Such nation is slowly destroyed from the inside out.
Possibilities of a Non-Poverty State
Legislation and programs must be implemented to make a non-poverty state a reality. First of all, free healthcare, food, and shelter must be a priority. Indeed, if poverty is to be eliminated, a government must get involved deeply.
Now I acknowledge that there are those who are so overly independent, and unethically prideful, that they refuse to accept entitlements. They would rather starve to death than to accept free money. Well, such stance may appear to be honorable. However, it is an attitude based on self-pride. It is an “I don’t need help mentality.”
The unfortunate thing about this mentality is that, if it is allowed to affect judgment on poverty, it will sustain the curse of poverty. It is a selfish attitude that ignores the plight of the poor and needy. It is an attitude that glorifies self-effort. It is an attitude that hates the effort of those who give to the poor.
However, in biblical scripture, it states that “those who give to the poor, gives to God.” We see that whoever has a problem with giving to the poor also has a problem with understanding how God feels toward the poor.
We can conclude that God will honor and bless the nation whose priority is to eliminate poverty by decreasing the poor population. On the other hand, the nation who forgets about the poor is a nation under a curse that is designed to bring massive society decline.
Therefore, all the powers that be must join forces to eliminate poverty in American, reaching out to the poor, supplying the resources (food, shelter and education) necessary for them to rise up and stand on their own feet.

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