The Shooting of Unarmed Black Men

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We can all agree that the shooting unarmed black men are a horrible reality which is happening all across the country. It appears in many cases that routine traffic stops are becoming more and more a predictable worst-case-scenario.
The hearts and souls of black parents are torn apart upon hearing about the death of their sons at the hands of quick-triggered police officers. However, as heartbreaking as this reality may be, one wonders if the majority of these events can be avoided by the exercise of emotional maturity on both sides of the Isle.
Survival is the Goal
The goal is to survive, even if it means to give up his rights. Legal issues can be pursued thereafter.
Upon any confrontation between a police officer and an unarmed black man, the process of search and arrest must be considered. It is this process out of which a life and death struggle arises. Both police officer and suspect have choices that can ease the tension of the situation.
For example, consider the following scenario:
A young, unarmed black man is pulled over by a police office. The suspect doesn’t exactly know what he is pulled over for or maybe he does.
The police officers question him. At this point, the suspect can corporate with the officer, even though he may feel that his rights are being violated. As mentioned earlier, legal matters can be initiated after the fact. In the meantime, the unarmed black man is trying to survive. His family needs him; his community needs him as well as his generation.
On the other hand, the police officer has several strategies that he can use to enforce compliance if the suspect is resistance.

Enforcement tactics

• Tackle the suspect and handcuff him
• Use Taser to subdue the suspect
• Use deadly force to eliminate any potential threat.
All too often when it comes to the arrest of an unarmed black man, the latter is used. Likely, there are several reasons for this, including fear of the black man and his culture, the anger of being disrespected as a law enforcement officer (based on self-pride) or a prejudice mentality against the black race in general.

The Choice between Life and Death

Nevertheless, both have a choice: to make a successful arrest or follow a course of action resulting in the death of a young black man.
To avoid the latter outcome, both the police officer and the suspect must relinquish their sense of pride and adapt to a more humble approach. Force may still be needed, especially if the suspect becomes threatening. However, what kind of force? Unless the police officer’s life is in immediate danger, a tackle or Taser should be used to subdue or render the subject non-threatening.
For too often, anxious police officers go for deadly force, further inciting the anguish and protest occurring in communities across American. Black Live Matter is a legitimate movement to bring awareness to the changes that must be adopted if police and the black community are to come to an understanding of one another.

Consequences of Neglect the Issue

Misconceptions between law enforcement and the black community must be eliminated in order to stop the deadly forced used to destroy the lives of unarmed black men. Until then, the situation will continue to grow worse, creating a hatred for legitimate law and order and further decreasing the opportunity for understanding and mature respect.

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