Becoming Better Person for Our Family, Friends and Neighbors


We all have flaws. Our negative habits, attitudes, and routines clash with others on a daily basis, but many of us must confront and overcome these characteristics in order to reinvent ourselves and become successful in life.
For too long our negativity has held us back and has resulted in the loss of friends and colleagues who would rather spend their time elsewhere, away from our company. It could be our temper tantrums, our lack of respect for others, our jealousy, dishonesty, or our greed. Whatever flaws that we may have that appear to rattle the nerves of others, we must attempt to overcome them. We must get rid of the ones that we can and learn to live with the ones we can’t.
Understanding our flaws, and regulating them can help us become better friends, colleagues, and neighbors. This potential change in perspective demands several adjustments on our part.

Get rid of selfishness.
The selfish individual acts out of the assumptions that it is not enough for everyone. So he or she holds on tight to finances, resources as well as himself. He only thinks about himself and what he can get out of others rather than what he can give others. Selfish people don’t have many friends because they don’t give enough to their relationships
Don’t Blame Others
Blaming others for the condition of our lives is a mark of a coward. As God created species we have the initiative to make things happen. Blaming others for our lack of good education, career, family or status in life is a sure sign of weakness in character. Others were not born to fill our lives with comfort and convenience. These two benefits are the products of hard work and personal achievement.
Take a Different Perspective
When changing our perspective we should not analyze a situation the way we would normally examine it. Our thinking must change if we are to indeed change. For example, we cannot keep getting angry when one of our friends lets us down. When cannot keep getting jealous and gossiping about others when things go right for them. When cannot consider ourselves above those who appear to be less fortunate than us.
Seek Truthful Analysis of Behavior
We cannot make major changes within our lives without the input of our family and friends. They can see things within us that we are unaware of. So don’t be ashamed of asking others to speak that truth about what you need to change. More than likely they will be willing to encourage you in your transformation. There is strength in numbers. So embrace the analysis of your family and friends.
Dismiss Negative Advice
Considering the negative advice from others will only stop us from moving beyond our flaws to a better us. Some people will not want to see the change in us. To them, if we change we become unexciting and boring to be around. These are the people who feed off of our negativity for their joy and pleasure. When they tell us that there is nothing wrong with our behavior and that we should only look out for ourselves, we must not hear them. We must continue to move forward.
Release Emotional Reactions
We must not allow emotional reactions get the best of us. We must use rationality. Thinking before we act is the beginning of changing our attitudes and behavior. When we think about what we are about to do that will offend others, then we have an opportunity to make the right choices time and time again.
Although we will never become perfect people, we can become greater human beings who can make a difference in the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors. We can bring a greater experience of kindness, laughter, and inspiration by means of what we think, say and do.

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