Criteria for Personal Development


Personal development should be a constancy in every aspect of our lives and affairs. Immaturity and dependency and low-self-esteem are all indications that personal development has been neglected. It is a sign that individuals are drifting through life, allowing people, circumstances, and conditions to enslave them instead of moving forward with a sense of joyfulness and freedom.

However, individuals who have chosen to constantly development themselves find adventure, progress, and maturity of mind, heart, and spirit. In the eyes of others, such people become role models for future generations to imitate. They leave an everlasting legacy.
You can become one of these individuals if you place personal development as a top priority within your life and affairs. The can start by doing the following.

Change Your Current Life

Changing your life means adopting a new philosophy of existence. You must eliminate the mental barriers which have blocked you and have cost you to fail in reaching your full potential. You must let down your guard and become vulnerable. Your perception and reaction to people, conditions, and circumstances must be redefined.

Young Graduates

A new mindset is crucial to change. People who don’t want to change their thoughts will continually be left behind in life, eventually regretting not making the necessary moves to be successful. Therefore, examine your attitude toward life and commit to positivity in all that you think and do. Read books, listen to CD, s, DVDs, read positive blogs, participate in podcast and webinar which focus on personal development. You will experience a dramatic change in your perspective toward life.

Identify Goals You Want to Accomplish

Goals are the lifeblood of progress. Without the tendency to set goals all we are doing is drifting through life, living from day to day or from pay check to pay check? However, goals give us a sense of purpose, direction and a unique way of measuring our progress from day to day, month to month or year to year.

However, our overall goal should be to improve our lives on a constant basis, forever growing into new dimensions of existences. This is the hallmark of personal development. The question is whether or not you are the same person you were a year ago”? Personal development means progress. You should set mind goals, health goals, career goals as well as material and relationships goals. Implementation of these goals will bring out new waves of talent and self-discoveries that you never knew existed. But ignoring goal setting is a recipe for a life without direction and purpose.

Remove Inner Barriers that Block Goals

Barriers come with the activity of progress. Personal development is not a skip, jump and a hop to great maturity and character. Suffering and sacrifice are keys to progress when moving forward in life.

The biggest obstacles which we must confront are those dealing with our own moral makeup. What are some of the moral issues that are keeping you from setting goals? Do we like people? If we don’t you must be willing to sacrifice this mindset? Do we have issues with integrity and honesty? If we do, we must be willing to confess your faults and choose truth and transparency.

Achieving goals test our character. The task involves patience, courage and the willingness to suffer shame and embarrassment when we fail. Those who lack honesty and integrity cannot survive the journey. Therefore, inner barriers must be broken down and destroyed if we are to make significant strides within our character.
But once we get the inner barriers out of the way, no person, place or condition can stop us from moving forward in our dreams and visions for our lives.

Set Reasonable and Attainable Goals

Goals must be attainable. Setting lofty goals that defy reason is like running on a never-ending path toward insanity. For example, if we are hoping to wake up in the morning and find a BMW in front of your driveway while working at Mc- Donald’s for $6 an hour then we are living in a fantasy world. However, if we are unwilling to improve our lives through personal development via setting goals, then we will go through life with an illusion of wishful thinking.

Set reasonable goals in both your personal life as well as your professional life. Goals that are within your capability to achieve are the ones that will move you toward your dream and produce within you courage and character.

Seek Support from Others

The importance of family support in the pursuit of your hopes and dreams cannot be over emphasized under any circumstances. When we fall flat on our faces and feel embarrassed by the world, our family is all that we have. Unfortunately, most families are distant when it comes to lending support to each other. Some live way across town or in other states. Nevertheless having some type of support while on our journey toward character building and progress is a necessity.
If family support isn’t possible, look toward trusted friends, co-workers or neighbors for a word of encouragement and support. Don’t be afraid of letting them know what you are attempting to achieve in a particular area of your life. Many times they will push you toward your goals when you want to give up and throw in the towel.

Reconsider Your Willingness to Make Change
Now that question is “Are you willing to go the extra mile when you don’t feel like taking another step forward”? Many times along the journey of change you will be required to handle difficult moments that stand in your way of progress. Lots of people give up. They stop.
The hall of failure is populated with little and tall people who have giving up in times of trials and tribulations. The records of millions are in the book. They settled for mediocrity instead of going through the fiery trials that produce greatness.

Those who are considered great in history are those who fought the urge to give up out of fear, failure or despair. However, those who have persevered in the face of intimidation, hopelessness, and weariness gained a sense of great joy, peace, and magnificence in character.
Therefore commit to greatness. Embrace personal development and keep moving forward, regardless of the storms that threaten your ambitions.
Embrace the Number One Tool
If you have the inner determination not to give up in your pursuit of your dreams, then you have the greatest tool available. This means that you will not quit. If you fail in any endeavor, you will pick yourself up and begin again more powerfully.
The rewards of a fully developed person are vast. You have self-confidence, generosity toward others, and freedom to be, do and have in all areas of their lives. Therefore, invest in yourself heavily and move forward without apology toward those who wish to stop your progress.



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