Good Habits Create Opportunities for Success


Your habits can make or break you. Good habits can take you to the top of the mountain and set you apart from the competition.  However, bad habits can take you to the bottom of shame, damage your reputation and make you a laughing stock to the world around you.

An individual with good workplace habits will excel in relationships, productivity and customer service in any organization. On the other hand, an individual with bad work habits will alienate others, deliver poor productivity and fail to render quality service.

Bad habits must be modified by knowledge, training and by developing new attitudes toward work and life. For example, my habits of timidity and lack of passion for work.  However, facing failure after failure and coming to the conclusion that living a life of joy, happiness and freedom take hard work and continuous effort on my part.

The understanding of what life required of me to be successful gave me the courage and passion for change negative habits and routines. The journey was not always easy. Sometimes the way is very difficult. You may choke time and time again. But get back up immediately and attempt your goals again until you experience victory.

Where Bad Habits Come From

Bad habits just don’t come out of the blue. Habits are contagious.  When we hang around people who don’t practice good values, we may adapt to their bad habits and routines.  We begin to think like them, talk like them, go to the places they go and do some of the negative things that they do.

The good thing is that we can change our whole lifestyle by hanging around people who practice good values and have our best interest in mind. Such friends and family are inspiring, supportive and progressive.

Positive people don’t put others down. The help others rise to the top of their game or profession on a constant basis. Such people embrace us when we win.  There is no jealousy or criticism designed to break our spirits and discourage our dreams.

Places to find people who are going somewhere positive may be far and in between, but there are places that we can seek to meet people of character, including

  • Universities and colleges- positive students and professors
  • Religious Institutions– pastors and congregational members
  • Workplaces-co-workers and supervisors
  • Communities-people involved in neighborhood watches or green movements.

These places are not the only solution to meeting positive people. If you are a good judge of character, you can recognize people of good character by the way they talk and the way they conduct themselves when interacting with others.


Replacing Negative Habits

Getting rid of the bad habit begins with acknowledging that you have a bad habit and understanding the liabilities that it is causing in your life.

Once you have identified the habits that are holding you back in life, you must set up a plan for replacing them with a positive, value-driven habit.  For example, if you have a habit of daydreaming on the job and being less productive than expected, then you must attempt to replace the habit by setting a productivity goal and reaching it day after day.

Setting a productivity goal will give us the power to overcome daydreaming as we attempt to reach certain benchmarks which we have disregarded due to our lack of passion for our duties and responsibilities.

Fighting the Difficulty of Overcoming Habits

Once again, getting rid of an old negative habit won’t be easy.  We must commit to overcoming it among setbacks and failures. However, if we persevere, we will succeed in developing a brand new habit and becoming a new person.

Studies prove that an old habit can be changed to a new one in 21 days.  Therefore, if we practice getting rid of the habit of conversational swearing and replace it with positive and encouraging language, we should achieve the new habit in about 25 to thirty days if we are able to rebound from setbacks and slip-ups.

Finding prosperity in life requires the exercise of positive habits.  Going to college, rising to the top of our profession, opening up our own business, and leading our communities will require that our habits are strong and positive.

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