Home Theater System: Selecting the Right System for Your Home


You have just bought a new home and you love it! Now you just can’t wait to get that brand new home theater system to top things off. Your home will be the ultimate home theater center for all your football and basketball buddies. However, you must consider many important factors before purchasing such an enjoyable and perhaps expensive investment.

What to Look for

Home theater buyers should consider a variety of factors before purchasing a home theater system. You want to get the best quality for your money.  Quality features include:

  • Dolby digital Support (5.1 system)
  • HDMI Inputs ( for high-resolution audio and video)
  • Receiver producing 100 watts per channel or more
  • Blu-Ray Player with multiple disc slots and progress scan capability
  • TV screen relevant to the size of the room
  • Adequate number of speakers for the best sound

Without these features, your home theater system might not produce the kind of theater like digital video, audio and surround sound you expect.

Common Pitfalls

Many times eager buyers are so excited that they don’t consider the above factors. Instead, they admire the appearance of the Theater system and its components and go for the grab.  But imagine going home and setting up the system only to find out that your room is too large or small for the accompanying surround sound system.

Perhaps the TV screen isn’t big enough for the size of the room or the speaker system is inadequate for the massive space.  Does it have Plasma, LCD or 4k picture quality?

Instead of blindly making such an important investment, you should consult friends or neighbors who might have a home theater system. They will know first-hand the type of system you’ll need. In addition, they will give you advice for choosing the best brand.

If do not know anyone who owns a home theater sound system, don’t be afraid to confront the salesman with tons of questions regarding the right fit and the proper set for a particular home theater system you admire.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a quality home theater system in a variety of places, even online. Your local Best Buy may be your first thought.  Best Buy does have a good selection of quality theater systems. The electronic store also has a most viewed section on its website.

Others places to find home theater systems in stores and online includes Walmart, Sam Clubs, Amazon, and Crutchfield.


A decent home theater system can range from as low as $400 to $3000 dollars. How much you will spend will depend on the factors that were considered above.  However, you should shop around for the most reasonable prices, yet with good quality that you’ll enjoy.


If you can afford it, you might want to buy the accessories that go along with the systems, which often includes TV stands and multiple shelves. You may even want to get a couple of lazy boy chairs jus to lay back and relax after a hand week of work.

Insider Tip

I know you are excited to get a home theater system but if you can wait just before or after the major holidays, you will be able to get a greater deal than you would by buying a system during normal seasons. The choice is yours, however.

Purchasing a home theater is fun and exciting investment.  Plus you can save a good deal of money by staying out of the theaters.  Does that sound wonderful?

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