How to Find the Right People for Growing Home Business


There are very few differences between working at home and working with a team in a workplace environment.  In fact, working at home must be approached with the same determination to achieve productivity, quality, and excellence.

The skills needed are:

  • A clear vision
  • A strategy to achieve goals
  • A knack for productivity
  • A passion for what you do
  • A mastery of your niche
  • A willingness to face hardness

These qualities and skills will help you operate and maintain a successful home business.  Of course, you might get lonely at times or lose focus when tempted by things happening around the house, but the approach to execution and success are the same as if you were working for a fortune 500 companies.

However, sometimes tackling a project by yourself may be overwhelming. You might find yourself becoming exhausted even before noonday.  This is a time in which you have to make a decision as to whether not you should recruit additional help.

Getting one or two other people on board with you isn’t easy, but the process starts by advertising the position.  You can accomplish this in a number of ways.

  • Online
  • Newspaper
  • Business cards
  • Tempt services
  • Word of mouth


You can advertise a position online if you are a member of a social media group such as LinkedIn and Facebook.  If not, join these social platforms, introduce your business and connect with others who are pursuing similar goals.


Placing ads in the newspaper is another route for recruiting candidates for hire. The best place to advertise your ad is in the Sunday paper. You’ll need to contact the newspaper a few days ahead of time so that your ad can be approved in time to be listed the Sunday paper.

Business Cards

Many people may think that passing out business cards in a little old fashioned but the activity still works without much effort on your part.  All you have to do is tell others you are hiring and have them give you a call if they are interested.

Hiring Tempt Service

This approach to recruiting employees may be the most expensive of the all the rest, but tempt-agencies make sure you get an opportunity to interview the right person.  A person’s background and credentials are examined before they are sent to you for an interview.

Word of Mouth

The really old-fashioned saying,  ”By Word of Mouth,” used to be the most effective way to get someone on board. The trust factor is deep.  For example, if one of your friend colleagues recommended another individual for one of your job openings, you might feel more comfortable with the decision to hire that person.

Setting the Ground Rules

Nevertheless, whether you hire someone or tackle the daily grind yourself, you have to set ground rules to guide business effectiveness, quality, and productivity.

  • Ground Rules will include:
  • Schedule for breaks:
    • Morning
    • Lunch
    • afternoon
  • Productivity objectives
  • Respect and fairness
  • Winning mentality

Working alone can be a pleasure if you have a passion for your niche. People with a passion for their work hardly ever get tired of doing what they are doing. Their work is not a job but a joy to embrace on a daily basis.  People who are dedicated to their niche will put in the same amount of work as they would do a regular job.

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