How to Survive in a Hostile Environment Regardless of the Situation

inner circle

Living in a hostile environment can be intimidated and dangerous experience. If you are unwilling to muster up the courage and determination to break free you will forever be a victim of fear and oppression.

A hostile environment can be any place in life where your freedom of expression is limited by the hostile influences or forces within your surroundings.  Many of us cannot escape our plight right away, either because of some limiting factors in our lives.

Whether you are stuck in a bad neighborhood, a violent city or a foreign country hostile to Americans you must have the courage to escape from the threatening situation.

In order to have any hope of escaping the situation and setting yourself free, you must be able to take the risk that may cause you emotional or physical pain if necessary.

No matter how long it takes to get out of the hostile situation, you must not give up hope. The more courageous you are in strategizing an opportunity to escape, the more favorable your situation becomes for escaping your oppression.

Adjusting to the Situation

I once lived in an oppressive, violent neighborhood in which I had to adapt to the immediate culture to avoid standing out like an easy prey.  I had to make adjustments in many areas of my life, including my clothing style, hairstyle, living conditions as well as my routines.  Nevertheless, I was still robbed two times by people whom I somewhat trusted in.

However, considering what awful things could have happened, I was quite lucky to escape without any physical injury.

In order to take control of your life and not become a victim in a hostile environment, you must be willing to take smart, calculated risks.

The Route to Freedom

First, you must assess your environment and the people living in it.  You must identify the person or people who you most resonate with.  In most hostile environments, there are always potential allies with whom you can make connections.

These are the people who you speak to every day and who may find themselves in the same situation you are facing.  Your goal is to gain trust and keep it. A dangerous situation becomes even more dangerous if there is no way to obtain trust.

If you have gained a particular amount of trust from another, you can improve your opportunities for escaping the situation.  Another benefit of gaining trust from others is that you gain potential allies to aid you in an escape from the oppression.  More heads united against a condition increases the chances of overcoming the challenges.

Warning: one thing you should watch out for when living in a hostile environment is to not move too quickly in an attempt to escape the situation. You must be patience. Sometimes you may have to wait for weeks, months or years before conditions become favorable enough to set yourself free.

Knowledge of the Inner Circle

The next step, after you have gained trust and allies, is to discover the knowledge of the inner circle or controlling forces.  The knowledge of the inner circle is a type of secret information by which you can devise strategies for possible escape. This knowledge can be gained from observation, overheard conversation or inside experience.

The knowledge gained from the sources of power and control, whether it is from your captors in a foreign country or gang members in a hostile community or an oppressive situation you have been trying to escape for decades, will go a long way in helping you devise a fully formed strategy toward deliverance and freedom.

Identifying Patterns, Repetitions, and Movements

A great deal of knowledge can be gained by simple observation.  Watch for patterns, repetitions, and movements of the power sources.  Once you have identified these entities, reflect on ways to escape by pinpointing areas of weaknesses in which you can exploit.

Any kind of strategies for setting yourself free will be based on exploiting these weaknesses.  For example, when considering patterns, repetitions, and movements, what are the times when situations are less guarded? In another word, when are the downtimes.

Recognizing these times will give you an idea of what you need to do to edge toward freedom.  If your captors are less watchful at 3 AM in the morning or if they are distracted by festivities, then you could devise your escape strategy around such times.

But the above is only for those who find themselves in extreme situations. Suppose your situation centers around living in an oppressive environment. What are the times in your life that affords you an opportunity to escape from the situations?   Escape from an oppressive environment can mean going back to school, moving out of the environment, or taking a stand for justice and overcoming the situation once and for all.

Whatever your hostile environment represents, it will take tremendous courage to overcome it and set yourself on the road toward freedom.  You must not take foolish risks which will further inflame your condition.  Instead, you must take a sequence of calculated risks until you deliver yourself out of the situation.