Serious Risk taking in Politics, Business, and Life


To risk our lives and reputations for what is right is a noble thing to do, regardless of the situation. People such as police officers, soldiers, firefighters and everyday citizens put their lives on the line for the sake of protecting others from evil people, places, and things. Risk taking is the hallmark of greatness.

One of the most inspiring, heroic figures in my lifetime was Martin Luther King Jr. a man who stood up to a nation of injustice and gave his life for many, not just whites and blacks, but for all races and cultures of the world.  Martin Luther Kings’ passion was so immense that he was unstoppable.  Fear couldn’t intimidate him, not even the face of death.

Many other leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and Muhammad Ali fought against the odds without backing down.   Their legacy stands as a model for other aspiring movers and shakers who are determined to make a positive imprint on society.

However, risk taking doesn’t have to be on such a large scale. Everyday risk taking in business and life is necessary for happiness and fulfillment.  In the business world, the great fortune five hundred companies we see today is the result of high risk taking.

The Risk We Have Taken

You and I have taken serious risks in our lives. For example, we may have taken the risk of going to college, getting married, having and raising children.  The fact is all worthwhile things involve taking multiple risks, especially if we going to maintain the quality and state of our lives.

Risk Taking: Pros and Cons

To be successful in business and life, you must weigh the pros and cons of risk taking.  For example, start-up businesses who ignore risk taking, or don’t take a risk at all will find themselves irrelevant in the marketplace. Failure and embarrassment will soon follow.

Reaching out to customers and presenting your product or service can be risky. You have to prove that your brand is better than the competition. You must face disappointed customers and attempt to eliminate their worries.  Initially, going into business can be very discouraging.  But If you refuse to let the ups and downs of winning customers discourage you,  success will mostly likely embrace you.

Investing in any business venture can be risky because of the uncertainty of it being successful.  But if it is successful, your risk-taking has paid off.   You are rewarded with a great ROI.

You should feel proud even if you have failed in business time and time again. Learning from those failures and getting back up to try again, will eventually make a genuine expert or master in your niche area.  Also, you gain confidence, competence, and great success.

Plan: Research and Study

Avoid taking the risk that wants allow you to see a profit, either in the short-term or long-term.  If you are going to put your hard earned money in an investment, you should see a profit somewhere down the line.  One of the best ways to determine if something is worthy of an investment is to read case studies in which others have succeeded or failed.

How have they fared in the investment is the answer you are seeking? For example, if it is a business you are thinking about starting, study to see how your competitors are doing?

  • How long have they been I n operation?
  • What are the ROI? What are the major issues in the industry?
  • Doe’s the industry have a chance to survive even among new trends and changes.

These are questions which need to be asked right away or before making any serious investment in business.

Risk-taking is a necessary for a highly successful life.  After all, greatness is not an attribute of those who hide in the corners of life, complaining about how things ought to be instead of making good things happen.

Risk taking paves the way for new challenges and opportunities to learn a new capability, perception, culture, or world view.  Risk taking eliminates fear and take people to height’s that never thought possible.


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