The Romantic Symbolism in Adele’s Iconic “Hello” Video


An iconic, angelic voice, a universal song message, intriguing symbolism, and the aching hearts of millions who have experienced the break -up of a once blissful relationship, these are the ingredients for an iconic song and a breakthrough video that are poised to surpass historic records.
Adele’s song “Hello”, a release from her new “25” album is has become one of the most, (if not the most) celebrated songs of the century.
According to Adam Grayham of Detroit News, “Hello” is a spectacular ballad” poised to be a gargantuan, record-toppling smash. Industry forecasters are predicting it will sell as many as 2.5 million copies its first week in stores, which would best the first-week sales record set 15 years ago by *NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached,” a chart feat many thought would never fall.”
Intriguing Symbolism
Adele’s debut video is an instant, mystifying attention captivator that is full of powerful symbolism, including loneliness, joy, rain, anger, regret and release of guilt. The videos itself enhances the sale of the iconic Ballard.
Two people act out the song’s message. The video starts out with the message of loneliness and regret. It begins with a woman all alone (Adele), who is reminiscing about a long lost relationship. The powerful rendition of the Ballard captures the attention with a powerful “Hello.”
The word is universal. It has been used in other memorable Ballards, such as Lionel Richie’s song” Hello”, a song which carries the message of meeting someone special.
Symbolism of Rain in Art
The other person in the video is a man who initially symbolizes happy times and then sad times when the man departs in the rain.
In music and other art, rain always symbolizes unhappiness, departure, and loss. In the video, the man is walking away in a torrent of rain. This imagery also added power to the attractiveness of the video.
The Dilapidated Telephone Booth
The second half of the video, beginning with the second “Hello”, the videos shows an old, dilapidated telephone booth, surrounded by wild grass. The image is haunting. Again the symbolism portrays the death of communication in relationships. The woman is unable to reach her long lost lover. He is never at home when she calls.
Realization that Love will not Return
In addition, the long lost lover has gotten over the relationship. The thrill is gone. According to the lyrics, the woman’s calls no longer bother her ex-lover.
Nevertheless, she calls to make an attempt to apologize for what had gone wrong with the relationship, releasing the pressure of guilt out of her heart.
The Bottom Line: Little Things in Life
The video tells a mini-story within itself. It portrays how the little things in relationships create everlasting memories, such as cooking and interesting communication. Therefore, one could possible look at the video without the lyrics and still stay interested in the imagery and symbolizes.

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