Welcome to the New America: President Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban Immigration

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President’s Donald Trump’s ban on immigration has started a firestorm across the world, alarming many world leaders and high-level officials, including tech giants.  This executive order to ban immigrants from entering the United States is one of the fulfillments of the campaign promises made months ago while the campaign trail.

The reason for the immigration ban is obvious, especially if we have been paying attention to the convictions of Donald Trump as president of the United States.  The threat of ISIS and other terrorist groups to the safety and security of the United States and its citizens is an intimidating reality.

Proof of this reality is the San Bernardino Shootings,  the Olanda Nightclub shootings and the recent attacks overseas involving ISIS.  The danger is real.

However, the effect this immigration ban will have on immigrant families across the world will be devastating. Families will be split apart without an opportunity to be reunited with loved ones, at least for three months if not longer.

Although an immigration ban may be necessary, America ns must empathize with those innocents’ immigrants whose hopes were dashed upon being turned away from the chance to come to America (mainly women and children).

As a nation of humanitarians, we must resist the temptation to grow bitter and cold toward muslins and other immigrants who are trying to find a new life.

Under the Trump administration, the immigration issue may appear harsh, especially if we consider the plight of little children and their desperate mothers.

The backlash of the immigration ban will result in a tarnished reputation. For a long time, the United States has been deemed a sanctuary for foreigners who desire to escape the oppressive conditions within their countries.

Welcome to the new America.   The promise that the United States will be first in all things will change the nature of the country forever.


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