The Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH 42 MM Watch: the Image of Magnificence, Sophistication and Distinction


Are you an avid watch lover who likes to stand out above the cloud? If so, the perfect watch for men awaits you.  Slipping this magnificent mechanism on your wrist will give you the authority of elegance and sophistication.

Name of Product: Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH 42 MM

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Type of Product: Elegant Watch Jewelry

The Pleasure of Ownership

Whether you are looking for a sense of appreciation, a feeling of importance, or an air of distinctiveness, the Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH-42 MM separates you from the crown of great watch lovers.  “Blending Bold Tiffany design with Swish –pedigree technology,” this magnificent mechanism is in a class all by itself.


Walk into any sophisticated gathering and you will feel the power of recognition and distinction.  People will notice your poise and contagious confidence as you sport this remarkable mechanism around the room.

People who have purchased this watch have made a remarkable investment which will bring those people years of enjoyment.

The Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH 42 MM includes a list of elegant features:

  • 18k rose gold
  • Blue soleil dial features
  • Gold Poudre’ numerals
  • Blue Alligator strap
  • 42 mm case
  • Self-winding mechanical motion
  • Power reserve 42 hours
  • Water resistance
  • Swish made

Price: $15,000

The Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH 42 MM is easy to maintain. However, over time watches and other Jewelry can become dull. Therefore, professional maintenance is recommended. Tiffany & Co. is experienced in every aspect of Jewelry care.

State of the art polishing, cleaning, battery replacements and much more are privileges of those who possess the Tiffany CT 60 CHRONOGRAPH 42 MM.

The Tiffany CT 60 might not be for the average individual but for those who celebrate the finer things in life; this remarkable watch will bring prestige, sophistication, and admiration into any circle of friends, colleagues and kindred’s.