Origins of Greatness: The Positives of Experiencing Pain


Pain is inescapable. As long as you have air to breath and as long as you are a citizen living on this planet, you will experience pain.  From a human perspective, pain steals and destroys the quality of our lives. Yet, if it was not for pain, the positives of the world will have never appeared.

The pains of suffering, of rejection and abandonment, of agony and depression all, have a brighter side for those who desire to obtain the positives from the negatives.

The experience of pain creates 3 great positives

  • Character
  • Experience
  • Inspiration


Humans become stronger and more resilience when they respond to pain as a means to grow their character. Enduring and overcoming pain develops in us a sense of toughness and deep inner reserves of strength for the next difficulty.  We become poised, confident and fearless the more we are willing to confront and move past the pain.

No great thing can be accomplished without the willingness to experience the pain integrated into the journey of obtaining the prize.  Our character is developed as we move forward through the pain.


The experience of pain creates shareable experiences.  Overcoming our struggles and difficulties qualifies us for counseling others who may be in the process of experiencing the same kind of pain themselves. For example, a recovering drug addict is qualified to help others who are entrapped in the same condition.  A mother who has experienced the loss of a child through gun violence can help comfort other mothers who have experienced similar trauma.


People gain great inspiration from those who bounce back from devastating defeat and make a difference in society. Such people are considered heroes. They inspire others to move forward with the hope of overcoming despite the presence of struggles and challenges which seem to be beyond control.

Imagine the world without pain. The reality is that pain gives birth to new life.  Without the experience of pain, the world would not have made the progress we see and enjoy today. All human progress has its origin in pain, either in trying to escape the pain or prevent the pain.

Pain operates in various degrees.  People may experience the pain of stagnation, causing them to become creative and imaginative. Others may experience the rage of a disease, causing them to seek a career in medical research, seeking to discover a cure for cancer.  Yet others may experience the pain of sameness and non-progressiveness, causing them to create a product, tool, service or program to make the world a better place.

Pain isn’t a pleasant experience. That is what makes it a powerful force for pushing the world forward to higher levels of progress and productivity.

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