The Difference between a Geek and a Nerd


Both the geek and the nerd are most likely intelligent individuals. They may be considered as outsiders but at the top of their class when it comes to mastery of their professions.

The geek is likely to be a technical genius within his or her field of study.  If any technical problem were to occur in an organization, either dealing with computer systems or data basis, the geek would possess the knowledge and capability to get to the problem right away and resolve it with ease.

A geek is likely to be an IT person in a college, a computer technician in an organization or a game designer working for a brand.

The geek’s conversation is mainly about technical tops, including computers, games and the latest gadgets. Many times his or her conversation will annoy others who rather talk about something more interesting.

The attributes of a Geek includes:

  • Analytical
  • Curious
  • Creativity
  • Problem solver

The nerd is likely to be an academic genius.  He or she most likely has a universal knowledge of how to world works. Nerds spend most of their time in study, thereby sacrificing pleasures and time with family and friends.

A nerd is likely to be a university professor, a public relations correspondent, a CEO of information service or any person who likes to accumulate knowledge.

Although a nerd can communicate quite well with the world and how it works, he or she may demonstrate a sense of awkwardness with people when it comes to intimacy and other matters of free expression.

The need’s conversation is likely to be about the state of the world, discussing everything from science to politics. His presence may be rejected in a situation where fun topics are discussed, such as parties, festivals, and other fun celebrations.

No matter how we look at geeks and nerds, their genius is undeniable. Such people are responsible for the world’s greatest inventions, dating back since the beginning of time when men began to seek higher levels of existence.

The inventions of the telephone, electricity, the airplane, automobiles, computers, cell phones, social media networks are all creations of those who thought longer and harder than the majority of us. They sacrifice time, pleasure and rest for the sake improving the quality of life for all people and nations.

The works of the geek and nerd are un-forgetful. As long as the world exists, their works, as well as the improvements made on their work will continue to take the world into higher qualities of existence.


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