How to Stop Being a Jealous Lover


For the sake of peace and happiness, stop being jealous! You may think that attempting to own and control another person is the way to go, but this perception is furthest from the truth.  Negative force used to sustain a relationship will, sooner or later, backfire. The independence of the other person is smothered by the jealous lover.

Jealousy leads to bondage, not only for the victim of jealousy but also for the jealous lover who attempts to control the victim.

So the wisest choice is to stop being jealous. Accept the reality that the special person in your life could leave. If this becomes necessary don’t try to stop it.  Life is mysterious and unpredictable.  Many times people come into our lives only for a season and then they go their own way, leaving us somewhat better than we were before.


True lovers are grateful for the time spent with one another and hope it lasts, but if it doesn’t they are thankful for the everlasting memories created.

Seeing our Relationship with New Eyes

Instead of being jealous of the person who is special in our lives, we must view our relationships from a new perspective. In order to see our relationship as a gift to be cherished, we must view the special people in lives in light of the following dynamics:


Each day we must appreciate our relationships. We must reward them every day with tenderness, love, and forgiveness.  No day should be taken for granted.  A day that is taken for granted cannot be replaced and might be the last one in the presence of our lover.


Love isn’t loving unless it is lived in freedom. Love is freedom. A true lover allows its lover to go free and experience the wonders of life. He is happy as long as she is happy.  A sense of limitation and bondage only creates unhappiness and resentment.


A true lover encourages her lover to grow and develop in character. She does not hold him back from experiencing higher levels of growth due to the intensity of his jealousy.  If there is a feeling of jealousy, a true lover despises for the betterment of his lover.

When jealousy is not the issue, a relationship can grow to greater heights in intimacy, trust, and independence.  A relationship with these qualities can make two people inseparable.  But jealousy, left unchecked, only create bitterness, anger, and tragedy.



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