8 Safety Tips for Keeping Safe in Your Hotel Room


Traveling can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if you are traveling alone or with a group of other individuals, including your family, make sure you take as many safety precautions as possible. Checking into a hotel room doesn’t mean that you are out of the woods and that your belongings are safe.

In order to avoid making mistakes which can cost your money, identity or even your life. The following list will help you plan a trip that will keep you safe and sound.

Lock and bolt your hotel room from the inside

This will keep thieves from breaking into your room and harming you and your family while you are asleep.  Dead bolt locks are powerful restrainers.  At least you will have a chance to respond if you hear someone attempted to invade your room.  All hotels should be lockable from the inside.

Always Have Keys At Hand

Always keep your key at hand when going to your hotel room.  Stopping and search for a key in your pulse can give stalkers an opportune time to assault you before you make it into the room.  Having a key at hand shows your readiness to escape to safety should the threat of being assaulted occurs.

Hide Your Personal Assets

When leaving your room, always keep your valuable; include jewelry and watches out of sight. You can put them in a private safe, or hidden inside the closet with a piece of clothing with pockets designed to contain your personal assets.

Be Aware of Unexpected Knocks

Avoid immediately answering unexpected knocks on your hotel door.  If no one knows that you are supposed to be in the room, don’t open the door. You may have been followed by a person who doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

Refuse to give room number to strangers you encounter

If a stranger asks you for your room number, consider it a red flag.  Usually, something is fishy.  Someone may be attempting to set you up for robbery.  Many people have suffered horrible things because of their unguarded willingness to embrace strangers.

No one knows the history of the person who is asking for your room number. He or she could turn out to be toxic individuals who are attempting to prey on your vulnerability.

Let Front Desk Know you are about to Check Out

If the front desk is expected you to check out, they will be aware of your soon arrival. However, if you don’t check out, the front desk will most likely become suspicious and check on you. Therefore, if anyone attempts to hold you captive in your room, you will have the opportunity to be discovered.


Be Aware of Suspicious Strangers in the Elevator

Dark events have shown that ignorance of this precaution can be fatal. Many people, especially women, have gotten on the elevator with strangers only to find themselves in the worst case scenario, often resulting in a life and death struggle.

In countries where kidnapping and staged robberies often occur will take awareness, decisiveness, and avoidance to survive danger.

Confuse Thief: Drapes Closed

When you are away from the room, keep your drapes closed.  Thieves look for an opportunity to break in while you are gone.  But if you have your drapes closed, an individual will assume that someone is in the room. Closed curtains can be a deterrent for robbers.

Adequate preparation will go a long way in keeping you and your family and friends safe from people who attempt to take advantage of people in vulnerable situations.