Airplane Travel: How to assure that Your Children are Always Seated Next to You


When traveling on an airplane, you must accept the fact that taking children along can be very stressful, not only because of their needs but also because they can get lost.  Horror stories abound about children getting separated from parents.

Airplane travel doesn’t promise you that your children will be seated next to you.  Instead, you must fight for this privilege if it becomes necessary.  To keep your children next to you, follow these guidelines.

Preferred Seating Options

When purchasing your tickets, ask the airline about preferred seating options.  The goal is to keep your children right next to you so that you can watch them constantly.

Guaranteed Seat Placements

Enquire whether or not the airline charges a fee for guaranteed seating placement. If so, you want to make sure you budget ahead of time.  You don’t want to be surprised by unexpected bills, which can hinder your travel plans.

If you have Children, Board First

If you have children, ask the airline if you can board early so that you and your children can get settled before the other passengers get on board. There is nothing more irritating than attempting to get children settled on a crowded airplane before takeoff.

Babies need bottles; children need items to play with in addition to lots of attention in order to keep from becoming bored and edgy.

Keep Your Children with You

Don’t allow the airline to separate you from your children. This would be a big mistake. First of all, the children will most likely fill unsafe, and there is a chance they will get neglected or lost, especially if the airplane is a huge airliner.

You must not be afraid to accept no for an answer when it comes to protecting your children. Make sure the airline know that you mean business.  Be assertive.  If something happens to your children, they are not responsible, you are.

When traveling by airplane, handling children can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to become a crisis if you make the right moves to ensure that your children are always seated beside you.