Traveling with Children: 10 Fantastic Tips for a Fun Vacation

traveling with children

Traveling with children can be an extraordinary experience if you are well prepared for every contingency.  Traveling and going to exciting places are things that children dream about day and night. However, in order to keep your sanity, you should consider the following fantastic tips for a trip of fun and excitement.

Pack a special bag for kids

Fill this bag with all types of goodies. Children love to snack on things, including chips, peanuts, and an assortment of colorful candies to keep them occupied.  Make sure you pack the bag with a few healthy snacks as well, such as apples and grapes

Pack entertaining books and colorings

Keep them mentally busy. Children can get bored quite easily and become troublesome, especially when there is more than one in the car.  Interesting books, including comics, science fiction, and fantasy will go a long way in holding their attention

Double check their packed luggage

Make sure they have packed everything they need, including clean underwear and socks. Because of the excitement of going on a vacation, children can forget to pack the most important essentials, including toothbrush and wash towels.

Don’t forget the first-aid kit

Small cuts and bruises are bound to happen as kids run and play.  Having band aids, ointments for bruises and medicines for upset stomachs will come in handy when you child needs a little tender loving care.

Book at family-friendly hotels

Choose hotels with an indoor or outdoor playground so that your children will not get bored with just sitting in the room and watching TV. Plus a playground will help children stay active and burn needed calories after eating not so healthy foods.

Give them their own camera

If you don’t want your good, expensive camera or iPhone camera handled rough fully or dropped, get the kids a couple of cheap cameras so that they can have fun taking pictures. The pictures may not come out looking like professional work, but for them, the memories will be fantastic.

Ask older children for their opinions about activities

Make them fell important. Give them a taste of decision making. Get their opinion on particular activities in which they would enjoy. Get them to make a list of things to do. Help them choose the ones that are feasible, and unleash the wild side.

Take a hop on hop off bus tours

If possible, take advantage of hop on hop off bus tours. Children will love this energetic activity. Plus you can see much more of the popular sites and sounds than you could if you were going at it along.  Bus tours will take you and your children to the hot spots where you can take lots of pictures and build unforgettable moments. Big cities such as New York, Paris, and England are popular for such bus tours.

Teach them new languages

Learning a new language will fascinate kids.  Studies show that children can learn a new language quicker than an adult.  Whether the language is Spanish, French or Chinese, teach your kids the basics, including for asking for help and directions.

Knowing the basics of a foreign language will come in handy if children get lost. At least they will be able to community with locals and authorities.

Wear clothing with lots of pockets

Children love to collect souvenirs, whether they are rocks, cards, or candies.  Make sure their clothing is covered with pockets.

Place emergency letters in the pockets of your children in case they get lost. These letters should be in the language of the locals so that they will understand the child and know what to do to contact the right authorities.

The experience of traveling with your children can produce some of the greatest memories and provide some the most thrilling photos, not only you and your immediate family but for generations of kindred yet to come.