5 Tips for Handling Out of Control Teenagers


Homes, neighborhoods, and communities are filled without of -control teens. All across America, this is an epidemic. Teens are experiencing drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, gang initiation and violence and various other crimes. Peer pressure is at an all-time high for teens.

Many hang out until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. Parents and grandparents may feel like they are running out of options. However, there are several things parents can do to bring their sons and daughters back under home control:

  • Revoke favorite electronic Gadgets
  • Suspend Social Privileges: internet-Instagram-Facebook-Twitter
  • Schedule daily monitoring activities
  • Establish Grounded Time
  • Enlist the Teen in Boot Camp

These options are the last resort for teens who have not responded well to parental problem solving and communication initiatives. In today’s society, many teens do not like to receive profitable correction from parents. Instead, they prefer parents to leave them alone. Teenagers often rebel against parents because these teens do not want to feel controlled by parents.

However, there are times when parents must really put their foot down in order to show teens how to make the right choices. Considering and implementing these options may be the best hope for redemption.

Revoke favorite electronic Gadget

Revoking a favorite electronic gadget from a teenager can be an effective option for bringing an out-of-control teen into submission. Teens love gadgets such as X boxes, PSPs as well as a variety of interesting smartphones styles. Thousands of teens spend several hours a day on these gadgets.

The threat of separating a teen from such gadgets may be powerful enough to change his attitude toward your rules and regulations. The idea of not being engaged with his favorite gadget can be pure torture. As a result, you gain back control.

Suspend Social Network Privileges

The internet, twitter, YouTube and several other social network sites are swarming with teen mania. Shutting down the computer and suspending your teen’s social network privileges would most likely give them a surefire heartache. No interaction with friends, no gossip, and no photo sharing spells boredom to many teens.

A week without engaging such social gems just might convince your teenage daughter to consider your argument regarding her careless lifestyle. Since connection with her friends is her pride and joy, she may think twice if she knows that disconnection is a looming threat.

Schedule daily monitoring activities

Your teenagers may think you are an overbearing parent if you require him to occasional check in with you while they are out with friends. A teen that is always getting into trouble while hanging out in the community is a ticking time bomb.

In a matter of time, he or she will explode into a crises situation that may engulf you and the entire family. Requiring him to call you every other hour may be punishment enough to remind him to make the right choices. Embarrassment is a strong motivator for a teen who desires to impress his friends.

Establish Grounded Time

Grounding a teenager for a day, a week or month for an outrageous activity she has participated in sends a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated in your home. Serious issues require sobering consequences. If your teen has been caught drinking or smoking when he should have been in school or if he has bullied someone in the community, your response should be overwhelming.

Grounding them for a specific among of time lets them know who is really in charge. Not only will you be preventing them from falling into deeper trouble, you may be saving them from something much more traumatic.

Enlist the Teen in Boot Camp

If all else fails in your attempt to get a teen under control, consider putting him in boot camp for a specific amount of time. Such camps are controlled by experts who are skilled in bringing children under control. As a parent, you may not appreciate some stranger yelling at your child.

However, this may be your last chance to bring a sense of responsibility to your child. It is better for a child to be yelled at by disciplinary experts who care about them than to be under the influence of cruel strangers who desire to violate them. Boot camps may be the last resort before eventually visiting your son or daughter in jail or prison.

Violent Teens: A Warning

Parents who have violent teens who live with them must exercise such options with caution. Because of the disposition of the teen, for some parents, executing these option will require courage. However, never tempt to perform such disciplinary options if your teen has threatened you with bodily harm or has threatened to kill themselves.

Seek the help of experts, including law enforcement if situations become dangerous. All the above options must be executed with understanding and care. They must not be performed by anger or critical attacks on the teenager. Continuing to create a balance of sincere and loving communication throughout the disciplinary process may prevent the threat of violence.

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