Love and Hate: Tipping the Scale of Human Existence

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Two forces rule the world more than any others: love and hate.  One is good and one is evil. If either one of these qualities become strong enough to totally tip the scale of human existence, the entire universe will be transformed for better or for worse. Furthermore, at any given time in our lives, our very state of existence is at the mercy of either one of these qualities.
Love is always Good. The more we love the more our value increases as a human being. A genuine lover is always there for others. In fact, he or she is a source of security and shelter for the down and out, the broken-spirited and the desolate. Love destroys the fear of the fearful.
In the face of hatred, love stays positive. It overcomes the deepest hatred.
In the home, when love is hot, a family is secured in an impenetrable bond. The husband, the wife and the children dwell in perfect harmony. If problems do occur (which they must in order to strengthen love even more) they are resolved immediately. Peace returns.
In the workplace, when love is hot, a corporation experiences accelerated growth. High trust, honesty and transparency are the order of each day. A great team is formed. Each mind is focused on achieving the vision. Customers feel extremely satisfied.
In the community, when love is on fire, neighbors are not strangers. Instead they live as a village of brothers and sisters with a common purpose: to make sure that every member is protected from hurt, harm and danger.
In a community where love dwells, no one is ever left to feel alone in the world. The challenges of one are the challenges of all and issues are resolved.
Love cannot be measured. No instruments can determine its range. Neither can its heights, depths or length and Wight can be determined. It will be an everlasting mystery.
The opposite is true of hatred. It is evil. It freezes joy and peace. Hatred paves the way for accelerated destruction. It meets evil and embraces it. Day and night, the hatred’s spirit cannot rest until another dark deed is implemented.
To hatred, good is a curse that must be stopped.
In the home, when hatred rules, a family exists in chaos. The husband, the wife and the children live in constant strife and anger. Uncertainty rules the moment. The next hour, or the next day could bring untold heartache, violence and suffering.
In the workplace, where hatred is established, the workers are not perceived as humans, but as robotic slaves designed to fulfill the boss’s mission. Workers are there to improve his arrogance with every success or gain. He is the boss and he does not give a damn about the lives and affairs of those who slave for him. If one gets hurt or is fallen by some unfortunate event, the beat of life goes on. It would not be uncommon if he didn’t attend their funeral.
In the community, when hatred is in command, the people are afraid to leave their homes or even allow their children to play outside. Where hatred dwells he streets are littered with chaos, including drugs, violence and gangs, robberies, rapes and murders.
Wherever your look, there stands fear and oppression. Peace and joy is unheard of. Good will toward mankind is an everlasting illusion.

The Verdict
Given the sheer horror of hatred, it is in the best interest of the world, to continue to try to tip the balance more and more toward the hotness of love and avoid the coldness of hatred. As free moral agents, the choice is always be between love and hate.

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