Joyful Times: The Secret of Sustaining Them


One of the most significant qualities of life is the state of joy.  The intention of all mankind is to arrive at a state of joy and stay there forever.  Joy thrills us. It makes us think that our lives are free from hurt, harm, and danger forever.  When we are in a constant state of joy, we become a magnet for the finer things of life, including love, peace, and unity.

A person in a constant state of joy cannot be an antagonist to you or me because his thoughts are too positive and pure. That’s the power of joy. An order to maintain a constant state of joy, your mind cannot entertain negative or demeaning thoughts of others. Anger always suppresses the state of joy, weakening our potential for happiness and freedom.

Joy Killers

Believe it or not, there are some people who don’t want you to experience joyfulness.  These people are miserable and they desire all the company they can get. Ungrateful and angry people do all in their power to thwart the state of happiness within your life. They tell you that you are crazy and what you hope for isn’t possible in this world. But you know better.

But what you might not know is that striving to build and sustain joyfulness will cost you. To keep your joy in a constant flow you should release negative friends, family members and work colleagues.  Those from whom you cannot disconnect, you must avoid, without reservation if you desire to be happy.

Effective Initiatives for building and Sustaining Joyfulness

Therefore, the first thing you must do to experience joyful times on a constant basis is to get the joy killers out of your life and affairs.

Surrender to a higher power. There is no genuine joy unless a human being is connected to a superior power source.  In this source is the origins of meaning and happiness.

Give up the need to control person, place or thing. Attempting to manipulate people, places, and things is a recipe for extreme exhaustion and constant frustration.

Be grateful for everything you have, no matter how meager your situation maybe. When we are grateful for what we have, the more we open doors for greater things.

Love deeply everyone you meet, despite their moods and attitudes. The more you love people, despite their reactions to your kindness, the more your joy and character increase.

Sustained Joyfulness doesn’t come without a price. It must be earned with a consistency of love and gratitude. But the reward is a million times higher than the price you pay for obtaining it. Joy sets you free to be who you are. It unlocks all the treasures inside you.

Joyfulness brings the goodness of the world to you.  But dwelling in a constant state of joy will not only transform your mind, heart, soul, body and spirit but will also greatly impact the lives of the people in your circle of influence.



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