Start-ups and Innovative Thought


Due to the power of innovative thinking, the world is a more wonderful and spectacular place. Without the ability to create new and improved products and services, the earth will still be in the stone age.  However, each of us possesses an innovative mindset. The good thing is that we use it each day without realizing it.  Anytime we are looking to improve our lives in some way, we are involved in innovative thinking.

The innovative thought starts with examining your life and asking the right questions.  What do you want to improve in your life? Do you want to triple your income? Do you want to improve your health? Or do you want to win more friends and influence people?

Let’s say you want to apply innovative thought to a start-up business.  You will first want to discover how you can match the competition.  To find your place in the marketplace, you need to look at several factors which can make you a competitive threat.


How can you improve your products to rival or surpass the competition across town? Can you reduce prices or improve the performance of your product? How can you increase the quality of service to your customers?  How much will you charge? These are the questions of an innovative thinker.


Look at all the processes in your business? How can you make processing and production stand out from the competition? The more you improve processes within your business, the more you will weaken the confidence of your rivals.

Well executed processes are what sets one business apart from others. Take local retail giants such as Walmart and Target.  Any person familiar with the two industrial retail giants will know that the way Target stores handle its customers at the checkout counter is far more superior than the way Walmart handles its’ customers.

Target makes sure that people are quickly helped. Cashiers often stand along the halls near the cash out counter to help customers quickly check out.

Quality Control

How can you make your product last longer than that of the competition?  Avoid producing a product that easily breaks or malfunctions. Your reputation as a brand will immediately spiral into nonexistence in the marketplace.

Customers love quality merchandise. They would rather not have to buy the product on a continuous basis because of some mechanical error. Instead, build a product that will last for several years without the need for a replacement.

Innovative thought in business or in your own personal life is nothing more than the desire to make things better, convenient, accessible and more spectacular to fulfill the needs and wants of your target audience.






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