The Significance of Respecting Your Spouse in Public


The importance of respecting your spouse in public cannot be over-emphasized. Every time you and your spouse are together, your reputation as a couple is on the line. People are watching to see if what you have together is genuine.

We can agree that many couples are only together for the sake of convenience. They stay together for the sake of the children and parents, or for the sake of their assets or investments.

Nevertheless, if a couple has been together for some length of time, people will want to know how do you make it work, and they will be watching every move.

This is the reason respect in marriage is so important.  The perception of friends, families and other admirers is shaped by how you treat one another.

Couples can show the qualities of respect in many ways, for example, by:

public intimacy

Expressing Intimacy

You want people to know that your spouse can always count on you for sweet word, an embrace or a gentle tease. Walking and holding hands is also a sign of intimacy.

Showing Appreciation

You want people to understand that you are thankful for your spouse and all the wonderful things he or she has done for you.

Showing How Much You Value Your Spouse

People need to know how much you value your spouse. Therefore, you strive to give him or her the best of everything you have.  You sacrifice for your spouse without reservation.  If you buy him a gift, you go beyond cheapness.

Demonstrating Sensitivity

You are aware of your spouse’s emotional makeup. You are sensitive their moods, hurts and possible pains. When he or she is quiet, you ask if there is anything wrong. You want your spouse to feel loved and cared for.

Displaying Credibility

People know that your marriage is credible when you are always mindful of your spouse in conversations. You dare not go on for hours without acknowledging your spouse at some point in your communication.

Showing respect for your spouse in public is important to the reputation of a married couple. People observe and learn things about good relationships. Never ignore or express disrespect for your spouse in the presence of others.  It there is an issue, what until a time of privacy, in which you can discuss the situations.

Instead, if you have a great relationship with your spouse, teach others by showing the utmost respect for your spouse in gatherings of family, friends, and neighbors.



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