Why Do My Co-Workers Do That? Surviving the Workplace Jungle


 We can agree that without people or animals helping one another, the world couldn’t have survived the first few days of its existence. We simply cannot move forward without the assistance of one another. For example, for a business man to sell his products, he needs buyers. Before the buying can find products and services to fulfill its needs, he must know a seller. We are each other’s lifeline.

This lifeline perception is especially vital in the workplace.  In any given workplace, we are surrounded by weird co-workers who do and say things that often leave us puzzled. Some of these traits are familiar while others are not.

The Lover

She is too kind. No one can pass her by without receiving a nice “Hello”.  If you need help, she won’t hesitate to volunteer her time, skills and expertise. The good thing is that if you are feeling down and in need of a little kindness. The lover will not disappoint.

The Talker

Somebody, please make them shut-up.  When people see this type of co-worker coming they quickly try to get lost or look extremely busy with their smartphone or notebook computers.

The Grouch

Ask this person a question and you get back nothing but resistance. They’ll tell you that they don’t feel like answering any questions and that you should go and ask the boss instead. These types of co-workers might soften up by the end of the work week.

The Critic

You want to avoid this person like a plague. The result of all his conversations is finding fault with the ability or skills of everyone in the building.  You’re Next!

The slacker

Procrastination is the attitude which guides this type of co-worker.  They are the last to complete their portion of the task.  Although they may be skilled in what he does, just doing it appears to be a burden. You will think that they are on the bubble.  But not so!

The loner

This person is lost in himself.  Small talk is all that you’re going to get out of a loner.  He shows up at meetings and refuses to say a word. The loner’s routine is obvious. He does his job, eats lunch in secret places, and slips out of the door for home every evening.

The intellect

In comes the intellect. He is aware of all the latest news and claims to know what is about to happen. Ask him any question and he will give you his theories loud and clear.  The intellect is full of advice and tips about life and how it should work.

The spiritualist

Encourager, inspirer and motivator, the spiritualist will seek to comfort you in times of trouble, especially during a personal crisis.  She guides you to your higher power and helps you to grow from your hurts and pains.

Get to know each type of co-worker. They are your workplace family. Despite their attitudes and various faults, they will help you grow and develop in character. Accepting them the way they are instead of trying to change them will prevent unneeded stress and frustration. Welcome to the Jungle.



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