I thought I Saw a New One: A Childless Place

Spring had arrived in Minneapolis. Before coming up to my apartment, I stopped by the second-floor window and peered into the courtyard.  It was deserted and empty of children.  All that remained of the children who played in it was invisible footprints that had been washed away by the melting of the winter snow.

Once upon a time, however, the courtyard was bursting with the joyful sound of children. The run and played across the green grass, behind the few tall trees and played games such as Frisbee and soccer from money to evening. The courtyard was a wonderful place to observe.

I don’t know exactly what occurred. But the children starting disappearing from the courtyard year after year. Each summer the scenery changed. You heard the fewer sound and saw fewer children. You might see one or two children walking together, going someplace other than the yard.

Children bring life and energy to a place. The worst thing an older person can do is to move into an elderly home where no children exist. This is the avenue to a gradual death, consisting of loneliness and despair.

One of the things that a childless place reminds you of is how important the little ones that we called children to the happiness and joy of the world.  People who don’t like children are miserable people, even though they may appear to be normal.

God created children and gave them to the world for a reason. Without little people, the world couldn’t survive and grow. They are our future leaders and the people who are chosen to take humanity to the next level of existence.

Some children are bad because parents don’t take the time out to train them up in the way they should think and act toward humanity. Many parents may not even know how to do this. They figure that if they can provide food and shelter for the child and send it to school for a proper education, the job of raising a child is done.

The reality is that raising a child involves a thorough training in character education. Developing good values and people skills in a child prepare them to be people oriented and to care more for the happiness of their communities than for their own selfish pursuits.

When children are raised to care about others, they become the life and joy of the family and the community in which they live. Children are jewels of God.

I hope the children return to the courtyard. Hopefully, it will be this summer when the grass return to green and the yellow dandelions poke out of the ground around the trees.  I thought I saw a new one.