The Rewards of Keeping a Beautiful, Well-Kept Home


Keeping a clean, well-organized home results in a sense of beauty, peace of mind and good health. Your home will become a sanctuary for friends and family who desire to visit and spend considerable time with while relaxing in your cozy home.

However, when you avoid household duties, your home is neglected. Disorganization and unhappiness become the everyday norm. If this neglect continues to occur, you can develop a reputation for uncleanliness, disorganization, filthiness, and a stuffy atmosphere.

An unclean home, especially if people happen to come over, can result in shame and embarrassment.

A Deeper Problem

Why do people neglect to keep a clean home? There are several reasons:

First, people may be experiencing a life crisis such as depression due to a traumatic incident or a personal illness or a loss of a loved one. People in this state will most likely not be motivated to do anything significant in the home.

house clearning

Second, some people are just too preoccupied with other things to give sufficient attention to their homes. For example, young couples may attend school during the week; they may be preoccupied with multiple children, or people may have careers that demand that they stay away from home for extended periods of time while their home gathers dust, stuffiness and spider webs.

Third, people may have developed a habit of just putting housework aside until some future date. The individual hopes to eventually get tackling household duties.  In addition, people may neglect their homes due to the preoccupation with some hobby or with some type of social media obsession.

How do you know when you are neglecting your Home?

When you do not feel like doing anything over course of weeks, then you have lost your motivation to keep a clean, well-organized home. Your home becomes more disorganized, depressing and depreciated in quality.

Nevertheless, at some point, if you desire to redeem your reputation for a keeping a beautiful, environmental appealing home, you will attempt to discover why you lack the motivation to get things done.

The first thing we must do is to acknowledge that we have a problem regarding our home and the issue must be addressed and overcome.

Warning: if we are depressed, we must let someone know. Keeping depression, a secret makes its hard to keep moving forward in life.   We may need counseling.

However, if emotional suffering isn’t the case, we must somehow motivate ourselves to perform our household duties.


We must expose our lack of motivation to some activity that will help us get passed it. A few options include modifying habits and routines, listening to inspirational music, practicing visualization or meditation.

Modifying Habits and Routines-if you care about your personal sanctuary you will have to release the obsessions, hobbies and other activities which are preventing you from getting your house in order. The choice is up to you. Organization and cleanliness can produce the extra creativity to do those things that you desire. But allow housecleaning to take priority.

Inspirational music-just switching on the radio or sticking a CD in the CD player will be enough to give you the motivation to tackle housework.  The best practice is to perform your responsibilities and play inspirational music in the background.

Visualization-using your imagination to get inspired. Find a quiet place where little noise is heard. Sit still or lie down on a comfortable surface and visualize yourself doing housework. Imagine that you are happy performing the various duties, including washing dishes, vacuuming the carpet, mopping the floor, dusting the future, or discarding unwanted items such as old cloth and other clutter.

Meditation-this activity is like visualization except in meditation you clear your mind of all images and thoughts. You sit in absolute stillness and silence until you feel the essence of your soul, characterized by peace and inner joy.

All three activities are designed to inspire you with the strength to conquer your responsibilities for keeping a beautiful, clean well-lighted home. Keep practicing them through the ups and downs of wanting to give up. You will soon be rewarding with a unique energy and motivation to move forward in sustaining a lovely home.

From now on see your household responsibilities as an adventure, during which you discover a sense of newness every time you complete them. Giving priority to a well-kept home will create within you a sense of clarity and fulfillment.

People will love to visit you and spend time in your home. You will receive many compliments and develop a reputation for beautiful and warmth.



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