Too Much Time Apart: Can Long Distance Relationships Really Survive?


Too much time apart-Do you work miles away from home for long stretches of time? Are the duties of your career responsible for your being away from the one who you love?  Accept that such is the reality is for thousands of couples in the United States.

However, too much time apart can put a tremendous strain on a relationship. The loneliness which must be endured, the stressful activity of choosing between love and responsibility, and the uncertainty of where the relationship might be headed is a constant burden for distance lovers.  The condition impacts an individual’s work life, physical vitality, and emotional well-being.

Staying Connected

Although face to face communication is the most effective means to connect with our significant others, a long-distance relationship makes the activity impossible. However, it is imperative that couples stay connected via other forms of communication, if we want our love to survive.

too much time apart
  • A daily phone contacta daily phone call will sustain our verbal intimacy with one another while we are hundreds or thousands of miles away.
  • Write lettersthe old-fashioned way of reaching our loved ones is still an effective way to pour out our hearts.
  • Texting daily-writing text has become the norm of a society that is obsessed with smartphones. Why not use this channel of communication to stay connection with our significant other?
  • Personal videos-make a video of yourself doing something interesting. Your goal is to surprise and impress your wife or husband with an inspiring or romantic message.
  • Facebook/Twitter-these are the most used channels of connections in the world. Become Facebook friends or Twitter darlings and never grow apart.
  • Skype connection-if you just can’t do without seeing each other lives, why not skype once a week so that you can behold the beauty of your better half.

A constant channel of communication is a necessity if a marriage or a romance is going to survive a long distant relationship.  Many marriages or romances have ended up falling apart because either one or both partners drifted away from the union due to lack of communication.

With all the communication channels that are available, there is no excuse in not to staying in touch with our significant other. We have the resources to send a constant stream of words of endearment to the person who makes your world go around.

Don’t Allow Over Preoccupation to Destroy Your Marriage

We must avoid becoming too busy to stay in touch. Many couples become so absorbed in their work that they forget about the world and all the people in it.  If you can’t find time to communicate, you must acknowledge that your habits and routines have become toxic.  We must change if we want to save our marriages or romances.

To keep the most important thing in mind, namely, your marriage, you can place a picture of your significant other on your desk at the workplace or space above your bed.  The purpose is to stay motivated and inspired to keep a connection with the one you love.

Emotional Strength

Love distance relationships must be endured with courage and patience. Both partners must be emotionally strong to combat temptations which will certainly come during times of loneliness and emotional longing.

But a couple who is madly in love and emotionally strong can endure a great deal of time away from one another.  Otherwise, too much time apart can be detrimental to our relationship. Passion and chemistry between couples can fade away over time.

The best thing to do is that if you are not strong enough to endure a long distance relationship, avoid getting involved with a person who has a long distance career. You will go a long way in saving yourself a lot of loneliness, worry, and stress.




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