Four Highly Effective Physical Education Goals For Grades K-12

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Staying physically fit is of the utmost importance in a fast-paced society obsessed by technological gadgets which exercise the mind but neglects the healthiness of the body. Children spend hours and hours on smartphones, tablets, and computer games while their bodies accumulate many of calories and pounds, resulting in obesity.

The best thing school districts can do is to make sure students are eating healthy lunches and getting the right amount of exercises to keep their bodies healthy and strong. Therefore, every school needs to have a dynamic physical fitness program which develops the whole child, physically, mentally and socially.

Students should leave school demonstrating a clear knowledge of what it means to maintain a lifelong health and fitness program. Throughout grade school, physical fitness instructors, as well as teachers should act as role models and mentors for healthy living.

School programs must address the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as well as demonstrate activities that can be used throughout life to sustain a physically fit body and mind. Each grade level should be addressed.


Curriculum goals for physical education are designed to assist K-12 students in developing the necessary physical movements and activities appropriate for their grade levels. Each grade group level ( K-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12) must acquire the physical education skills necessary to meet these goals. Ultimately, physical education can produce benefits such as good health, competition and a sense of confidence.

K-3 Grade Group

The physical education curriculum goals for students in kindergarten through third grade consist of learning movement skills such as walking, running, jumping, skipping, twisting, pushing, pulling and balancing. Other skills include striking and kicking, as well as throwing and catching objects. These skills are designed to teach K-3 students how to follow easy directions and work with others to accomplish a task.

4-5 Grade Group

The physical education curriculum goals for students in fourth and fifth grade consist of learning manipulative skills such as gymnastics, dancing, swimming, and basketball. Grade 4-5 students should be able to utilize their motor skills to enhance their personal performance and engage in a variety of physical activities. This grade group should be able to follow a constant schedule of physical activities as well as understand the health-related benefits of these activities. In addition, these students should have the ability to follow guidelines without being constantly reminded.

6-8 Grade Group

Physical education curriculum goals for students in grades 6-8 consist of learning how to analyze and evaluate physical activities to improve skills and techniques. This grade group should have the ability to choose among a variety of physical activities for the sake of their own self-fulfillment and to comprehend the importance of physical fitness. Another major objective for this grade group is to learn how to work well with others and accomplish team goals.

9-12 Grade Group

The physical education curriculum goals for students in grades 9-12 include the ability to master the movements and forms in multiple sports, games, dances and exercises. In addition, these students must be able to assess their own personal performance and comprehend the impact of physical education on heart health. The ultimate personal development for this grade group is the ability to both lead and follow within a group as well as the ability to set and achieve goals.


The curriculum goals for physical education must never be neglected. Developing the proper physical education skills does not come without effort. At each stage of growth and grade level, a student should be well exercised in certain movements and physical activities. Ignoring these needs could result in students being obese, unhealthy and in poor physical condition.

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