Bail Bonds: Getting Out of Jail Doesn’t Have to be Hard


According to Investopedia, “a Bail Bond is a written promised signed by the defendant and surety to ensure that a criminal defendant appears court at the scheduled time and date.” The inability to post bail for a loved one who is stuck in jail heartbreaking. That’s the reason why bail bonds are a necessity when emergency money is needed to get someone out of jail.

Without the opportunity to obtain affordable bail bonds, your father, brother, mother, sister, or aunt or uncle will be unable to get out of jail until enough money is saved up to post bail. Years ago, such opportunities were non-existence. An individual would have to stay in jail for days, weeks and sometimes months before getting out.

Now, however,  a bail bond is a monetary source you pay to get out of jail so that you can appear in court on the day and time demanded by the judge.

What situations are Bail Bond For?

  • People with warrants,
  • Felony or misdemeanor charges
  • First-time offenders,
  • Non-violent drug traffic offenders
  • Simple assaults
  • DUIs

Qualification for Bail Bonds

Many bonds agents accept people with little or no money down. Lenders will give you up to $350,000 if you can come up with a reasonable plan to repay the loan. Otherwise, bail bond agents will give you a lower amount for down payments. However, how much you, depending upon your income sources as wells as the interests you will have to pay.

The process of getting a bail bond is simple, as far as the administrative work is concerned. Here are the steps:

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of attempting to find a local bond agent, search the internet for a good bondsman.  You will probably see several sites offering you an opportunity to get a bail bond. Only select those sites which appear to be safe.

Once you have decided upon the site, fill out an application form for the bail bond. Make sure you have all the necessary information, including important documents to give to the lender so that he or she can assess the situation and determine what you qualify for.

After you have presented all your information, the lender will review the accuracy of your answers and re-connect with you to explain the terms of your loan. In addition, if you desire, the lender will help you select the bail bond that is necessary to get your loved one out of jail and reunite him or her with the family.

But make sure you understand what all goes into getting a loan. Bail bonds are no difference from commercial loans when it comes to accumulating interest and repaying back the loan.

Bail bonds are a godsend for those who are fortunately enough to post bail. Simple crimes give a person an opportunity to escape incarceration. But Individuals who commit complex and horrific crimes do not qualify for bail bonds.






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