How to Create a Genuine Connection with Your Children


For parents to raise children successfully, they must be willing to take the necessary time out to really connect with them. A genuine connection requires face to face communication on a continuous basis.

How many times have we distanced ourselves from our children emotionally? Of course, we make sure they have food, shelter, and clothing, but we are at a loss when it comes to establishing a genuine bond with them.

When we establish a genuine connection with our children we can gain access to their innermost thoughts and feelings, an advantage which will enable us to help empower them to overcome obstacles and pursue their most passionate dreams.

To have face to face talks with our children will create an unforgettable bond. For example, when we listen to the words of famous people, we get an idea of the power of parental words of encouragement and empowerment.

Many great athletes, movies stars, musicians, politicians all attribute their greatness to something significant their mother or father told them regarding success. Therefore, the words you speak to your children create everlasting bonds.

3 Reasons we don’t create genuine connections:

Too busy

Our schedule doesn’t allow us to set down and talk to our children on an ongoing basis. When we come home from our 9 to 5 jobs, complete our after-work duties and prepare for the next day on the job, we are too tired to have any meaningful conversation with our children.

Avoid Intrusiveness

Some of us parents don’t want to give our teenage children a sense that we are intruding upon their privacy, even when we see them making unwise choices.  We assume that they will eventually learn from their mistakes.

Intimidated by disconnection

Another reason we don’t create genuine relationships with our children is that we are afraid they will stop loving us. So, we don’t tell them the truth about life. We may tell them half-truths but we don’t want to feel their ears with the truth that may not gel well with them.

Getting Rid of Excuses and creating the bond

None of the three reasons listed above can justify our refusal to create the unforgettable bonds that will prepare our children for a life of excellence. We must have to courage to connect with them regardless of how they feel about our advice and recommendations for their lives.

Great people tell stories of initial reluctance to the plans that their parents had for them. Venus and Serena Williams didn’t want to play tennis in the beginning, but as time went on, they begin to become passionate about the sports.  Initially, when a small boy, Michael Jackson didn’t want to get on a plane and go sing at concerts. But eventually, he got over it and became one the greatest entertainers of all time.

Therefore, get rid of excuses of why we can’t do those specials things and speak those special words designed to mold and shape a child’s life for years to come.

Searching for the Motivation

Of all the burdens and pressures, we adults deal with daily, we may find it hard to turn our total attention to the interest of our children. We may have to sacrifice time, energy and some of our own comfort to establish a genuine connection with our child.

We must ask ourselves whether we want to raise failures or winners. If we neglect our children we are in danger creating failures due to lack of providing vital encouragement and direction.  But if we put the time, energy and sacrifice to empower our children to go for excellence we will most likely reap the reward and recognition for being great parents.

The Bottom Line

Never fear to establish an unforgettable bond with your children. Such a bond will create great children. Parents must gather the courage to overcome the discomfort of connection. Ignoring the awkwardness and discomfort and establishing a genuine relationship will go a long way in creating within our children a sense of appreciation for all we have done for them.




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