Letting Go of Destructive Behavior and Choosing Personal Progressiveness


Any kind of destructive behavior has the potential to destroy the quality of our lives. For example, if we are antisocial, bitter and inflexible we will make little progress in life and possibly be without any quality friendships. However, many people are unaware of the toxic behavior which is causing them a great deal of success in life.

A home-based business person, who is unfocused and unproductive, will never be successful in getting a niche off the ground. Business growth depends on being so passionate about your visions and goals that you sometimes spend nights working overtime to get things done for the sake of pleasing customers.

If you are unproductive and unfocused in your duties and responsibilities, you will not be able to answer the wants and needs your customers on an unacceptable basis. As a result, you will lose your buyers to the competition who delivers superior quality.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in both business and life, you must change your destructive behavior, immediately.

The Mistake of Doing It My Way

Changing my destructive behavior during college was a struggle. Instead of going to the library immediately after classes and studying, I decided I wanted to hang out in the Union hallway with a lot of my friends who were doing the same thing.  I made this choice week after week until I received my grade report. I had failed in nearly all my classes.

What a rude awaking? I had to redefine what college meant to me. I was in danger of failing and losing my eligibility for funding. After the initial same of informing my family, I decided that I didn’t want to end up like my wandering friends, many of whom eventually dropped out of college.

The next semester I dedicated myself to my academic studies, leaving little time for pleasure.  I had to sacrifice good times for something far more important: My future lively hood.

The destructive behavior that I had to change was slothfulness. I wanted to indulge in pleasurable activities at the expense of my education. I had to learn the hard way that success comes only through challenging work and persistence.

Identifying destructive behavior in yourself begins by discovering what is going wrong in your life or business.

Ask Behavior Identifying Questions

Do people like to be around you? If people avoid you and whisper behind your back, you must examine your attitude and the way you treat people.

Do you avoid trying new things? Have you lost out on wonderful opportunities because you were afraid to take the risk? Then you need to develop courage and go against your fears and anxiety.

Do you find yourself procrastinating? If vital projects and tasks are not getting done on time, then you need to examine your motivation for operating a business.

Is your home based business competitive? If you are not competitive with the companies in your industry, you cannot create a customer base.

Are you distracted more by pleasure than normal? Do you avoid challenging work? Would you rather be on a hot beach by the ocean most of the time? Then you need to remind yourself that nothing worthwhile become great with challenging work.

The Practice of Changing Your Destructive Behavior

Avoid conditions which trigger the destructive behavior. For example, if you are always checking your Facebook or Twitter page to get updated on the latest news, then you must have to the determination to stop such behavior.

How do you stop it? The first thing you should do is to enlist others for support. When you know that others got your back, then you can muster the strength to change your negative habits and routines.

The good thing about letting others know that you have a problem is that the issue is no longer a secret. Everybody knows it. It has been disclosed and exposed. When you reveal your shortcomings to people, the fault often loses some of its impact over you.

Understand the consequences involved in continuing the destructive behavior. Imagine your life ten times worse than it is now. That is the likely scenario if the behavior continues. But wise individuals will change their attitude and mindset and move forward.

Choosing to Become a Person of Excellence

Recognizing and correcting destructive behavior within yourself is the hallmark of becoming a person of excellence. The moment you become aware of something within your actions or behavior which is holding you back from success, you must immediately begin to eliminate in from your repertoire of positive habits and routines.


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