In the retail business, the customer is indeed king. Without buyers, our product and services will have no value. Customers must want or need what we must offer. Our goal is to understand our customers so that we can know exactly what it takes to make them into loyal customers.

To effectively please our customers, we must understand the types of customers which we interact with on daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.  There are five common customer types that business owners should study and target for loyalty.

The approach won’t be easy. But with patience and persistence, we can get to know the needs, interest, and desires of our customer.

Potential Customers

These fall into the category of all the buyers who haven’t made up their minds to purchase our products and services. We must woo these customers to our side via constant contact. Sometimes it takes a steady stream of sell pitches get them to make a purchase. For instance, think about the length of time it took you to buy a product.

Once it took me two or three years to finally buy a book that I was accustomed to passing buy week after week. Therefore, perseverance is the key to making this customer our own.

Now-n-Then Customers

The now-n-then customer is the type which makes a purchase 2 or 3 times a year. Our goal is to get people in this category to buy more often. How do we do this?  The best thing is to continue to study this customer type. Once again design surveys and ask questions targeting the wants and needs. Find out why they buy your products.

Continually Showing the now-n-then customer that you care about their interests will go a long way in winning them over as permanent customers.


Comedian Customers

Look behind the jokes and sarcasm of this customer type. He or she may appear humorous with their complaints and criticism. But deep down they are not satisfied with the customer service. Maybe they keep receiving late deliveries or unsatisfactory answers to problems.

Management must not avoid such customers but must contact them and get to the bottom of the situation. An apology for less than quality service should be a priority.  Consider ways you can make amends with the customer. A discount or a period of free service neglected issue might be enough to prove that you care as a business owner.

Loyal Customers

You have been doing something right because this customer sticks with you through the thick-n-thin, regardless of occasional mistakes with service. Our loyal customers are the ones who has the power to take us to the top of the marketplace. Therefore, we must stay in constant contact with them, listening to and responding to their changing interest and desires.

Since our loyal customer believes in us we must believe in them.  Inviting them to join in the decision-making processes of our business will go a long way in making them feel that they are special to your company.

Designing surveys which elicit the opinions of our loyal customers regarding modifications to our product or service the wisest choice to make.

Deserter Customers

These are the customer types that can teach us a lot about our products and service. Suddenly the deserter isn’t there anymore.  He or she just stops purchasing our products. Previously, they could have been quite loyal to our company.

The most urgent thing to do is to find out why they left and quickly. Attempt to reach this customer by any means necessary. Trying to reach deserter customer via surveys, phone calls, letters, emails is not doing too much. Here is the reason why. You can learn more about your company’s weakness by finding what frustrated the deserter into leaving.

Maybe your competitor has gained an advantage over you via cheaper price, better service quality or greater product. Whatever it is, find it out and make readjust if you discover some glaring weakness in your marketing strategy.

The knowledge of our customers is vital when it comes to obtaining a great piece of the market share. Therefore, study your customers and design strategies for reaching each type. But never take buyers for granted. Treat them with the utmost respect and you will gain their loyalty.